The Real Deal

GUESS WHAT? I have exciting news and at last I can tell you about it.

LiraMy new book, Lira Polof, publishes today with the film to follow later in the year. YES!! Film How exciting is that? We’re also in discussion with a leading London theatre, whose director is interested in putting on the stage show. (Sssh! I’m not supposed to say anything yet).

Lira Polof, a young Polish girl, has come to live in England with her family. At first they move into a cramped flat in a large old house in the country. Soon after the elderly lady who lives next door dies. No-one wants to re-home her dog, a mongrel called Tassi.

Lira’s finding it hard to fit in to her new school and misses her old friends. She begs her parents to let her keep Tassi and eventually they agree. Lira and Tassi form a special bond and Lira tells Tassi all her secrets. But Tassi has secrets of her own. Her last owner was very rich and Tassi’s inherited a fortune. When the news breaks nationally, the sinister Mr Fly shows up claiming to be the elderly lady’s long lost son and Tassi’s new owner. Lira doesn’t want to give Tassi ย up and is worried about her safety. What can she do to save her?

If you want to find out what happens then you’ll have to read the book.

I’m off to celebrate Lira Polofย  with cake and something bubbly. To me, this ย feels like the REAL DEAL and a great start to April. ๐Ÿ˜‰







12 thoughts on “The Real Deal

  1. This sounds gorgeous, Julie, and beautifully described. I was telling my youngest about it on our morning walk today, and he’s desperate to read it now and find out what happens! Happy Book Birthday!

  2. Thanks Luisa!

    And thanks to everyone who commented here and emailed me with congratulations and good luck wishes. Sorry guys. It would have been lovely if it had been true but Lira Polof isn’t the real deal. She’s just an April Fool! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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