Boys + Books = Brilliant Catherine johnson

GetAttachmentThis is me last week. In Forest Hill School South London.  Like most writers March, for me, is a little bit nuts. There are a load of visits all smashed into a small amount of time. Now I know there are some writers – Alan Gibbons I am looking at you- who practically live on the road. But my March was busy enough for me thank you very much.

I went to Salford and Bexhill where my lovely book Sawbones, managed not to win any prizes. And I went to some fabulous schools but this one, Forest Hill in Lewisham, was probably the best. The boys were sparky, inventive and interesting. And they LOVE books.

Books have got a bad reputation for being not what you do if you’re a boy. Now of course we know that books make readers empathetic, sensitive and thoughtful which is is practically the job description for a decent boyfriend or in fact adult of any kind. These boys hoover up books. The future is safe in their hands.

These boys are lucky enough to have a marvellous library and librarian (shouldn’t all schools have these?) and a reading culture second to none. And I am not just saying this because they liked my book. Honest. (Although some of them did – like the book that is).


Without readers we writers are whistling in the wind. These boys are some of the best readers I’ve met.

See you next month,




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