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Fun New Competition!

Matroshka dolls from Wikipedia

This year I’ve had the honour to be one of the judges for the Pushkin Prize, a long-running writing competition for first and second year secondary students from Scotland and Russia.  It’s been fascinating reading the entries and I’m looking forward to the prize-giving ceremony in April!

But now there’s another great competition that GHB readers might be interested in! It’s for artists as well as writers, ages 5 – 12, and you don’t have to be from Scotland or Russia to have a go!  It’s part of the launch of a new website called Find Out About Russia – full of fun and fascinating information about Russia – the deadline is 1 July 2015 and you can find all the details here.  There’s a section on drawing a picture of Baba Yaga – illustrating The White Bird (read the story on the website) – re-telling your own Russian folk tale – making up puzzles or other activities to go on the website – there’s something to excite everyone!

So have a look – have a read – then have a go!  And let us know how you get on –

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