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Contains Nutty Bits?

I don’t know about you, but I had a great World Book Week. I ran a two-hour writing masterclass, went to an award ceremony, and visited two fantastic, friendly schools – Ashford School in Kent and Townley Grammar in Bexleyheath.

While I was in Townley Grammar’s school library, I noticed some brightly coloured, hand-painted boxes up on the shelves.

Townley Grammar - book-themed boxes2-smallEach box had the title of a real book, and at first glance their bright outsides look a bit like book covers. When you look at them more closely, though, they resemble cereal boxes, complete with ingredients lists! As you can see from this box, An Unfortunate Series of Events contains laughter, horror, adventure, excitement, cliff hangers, nutty bits, scary bits and funny bits!

Townley Grammar - book-themed boxes-turtle-smallSome of the boxes were cunningly 3D as well!

Townley Grammar - book-themed boxes7-smallThese students weren’t the only ones to create ‘ingredients’ sections for books. Some time ago, a publisher called Hot Key started putting a ring on the back of their books, split up into sections to show what the book contained. (They call it a Hot Key Ring.)

hot-key-ringIt made me start thinking about my own books. What would their ingredient list look like? Most of my books contain a hefty dollop of the following:




Twists and turns

Warning: may also contain funny bits, scary bits, nutty bits and very, very strange bits…

What “ingredients” do you like to find in a book?

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