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Take A Dog To Work

‘Do you ever put real live people in your books?’

I get asked this a lot and it can be a real conversation stopper. A jokey ‘yes’ from me usually shuts the other person up faster than an oyster in a jewellers.

I don’t put real people in books for lots of reasons (mostly because I wouldn’t have any friends left if I did). But, I think it’s fair to say that most writers use bits of people they’ve met to create new characters. It’s the same with animals. It’s no secret that Fang, the lively werepuppy in Beware the Werepup, was based on my own dog Indy.


Recently I was petsitting for a friend. The dog was the same breed as mine, a long haired GSD. Her personality was very different though. Indy loves attention but only wants to be stroked when she feels like it. This dog I wanted to be loved ALL of the time. She even came to work with me (something you can do when you work from home).


Here she is, under my desk.

Dog under desk


If you could take someone to work with you (person or pet) who would it be?


5 thoughts on “Take A Dog To Work

  1. My dog would be hopeless in the office – always scavenging for food – and when I’m working at home she disturbs half my phone calls by barking at people in the street!

    • My dog barks at people in the street too. It drives me mad!!

      The Beneath looks brilliant Sue. It’s on my to read list.

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