A Book Birthday


It’s World Book Day – what better day to have a book birthday?

Lots of authors have books out today, including me! Today is the official launch of The Beneath (although Amazon decided it was yesterday). It’s been a while coming, and was probably the hardest to write so far, but all that is now behind me. In my next scheduled post at the end of the month I’ll tell you a bit about the challenge of following a trilogy, but until then, here is the blurb from the book.

Lily saves Aria’s life.

But Aria is not what she seems.

On the run from a secret community living under the streets of London, she draws Lily into a dangerous plot. Can Lily discover the secret of the labyrinth and sort out the truth from the lies? Or will she be too late to save her friend?

cover image

Lovereading calls it “a gripping teen read”.

Our Book Reviews Online says “The story delivers a fast paced read to keep the reader gripped from start to finish.”

The Overflowing Library describes it as “An exciting and fast paced read”.


It’s a contemporary thriller set in London, where the life of an ordinary schoolgirl collides with a dystopian world buried deep underneath her feet. I really hope you like it!


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