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The kindness of strangers


Last month, my husband’s beautiful Aunt Agatha died. This was a very sad time, not helped by the fact my family was one day into a week’s holiday in Spain when we got the news. The trip home was distressing, but would have been very much more so if it weren’t for the kindness we encountered at every turn.
This is some of what happened:
Our hotel ignored its cancellation policy, and refused to accept payment for the nights we didn’t use. As our flight home was late at night, they also gave us free use of two rooms while we waited. They minded us and fed us and brought us to tears with their compassion.
We had prepaid a week’s car-hire in Spain, but the firm returned most of it, and apologised that they couldn’t do more to help us.
On our arrival in Cork, an employee there had arranged a car to take us home to Limerick, with instructions to return it to Shannon whenever was convenient for us.
These strangers saw how upset we were, and did their best to help. All this made a difficult time slightly less difficult, and it seemed fitting, as Agatha was one of the kindest people I ever knew.
The kindness of strangers is a wonderful thing.

5 thoughts on “The kindness of strangers

  1. A friend of mine is an only child. She was living in Ireland when her widowed mother died in Scotland and she faced travelling back all on her own. She arrived for the ferry by taxi late at night to find she had missed it. She had nowhere to stay the night. The taxi driver found her a clean and comfortable room in some sort of hostel, and told her there would be no charge. She said she will never forget that act of kindness on a terrible night for her. The kindness of strangers is a wonderful thing. πŸ™‚

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