The Loveliness of New Covers Catherine Johnson

Hello again!

One month has sped by. I’m sharing the cover of book that won’t be out until July and I cannot wait. This book, The Curious Tale of The Lady Caraboo, has had such a looooong birth. I began after Nest of Vipers but got side tracked by Brave New Girl – even so  I ended up writing about a million versions to get it right. I tried first person, I tried writing it as letters, neither worked. I  rewrote and rejigged and wrote it again and again. It was the complete opposite of Sawbones which came out in a lump and took less than two months to get a decent first draft.

I’ve never written a book based on a true story. A girl turns up out of the blue, destitute alone, and to avoid being thrown into prison for begging pretends to be a foreign Princess. But her lie gets bigger and bigger, her fame grows, professors come to study her, painters come to paint her.   You might think that’s utterly far fetched but people pretend to be who they aren’t all the time. Especially writers. And although I have taken lots of liberties with the truth – I invented new characters, changed ages, left stuff out and made up heaps – I loved writing it.

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