Useful ways to meditate.

Hello all!

Spring-time is here and it’s kind of a relief to be honest. I spent the morning spring cleaning furiously and singing along to a song about a possessed mongoose I can’t get out of my head. I clean when I’m trying to sort things out in my head, I find scrubbing and things to be kind of like meditation. I should meditate more. Particularly in the oven.

I was talking to my Nana over the weekend and she says before she goes to sleep at night she always has a little chat to my Grandad, the love of her life. He passed away over twenty years ago and he’s still her best friend.

One of my friends does actual meditate meditation, the kind where you sit in a room with a load of other people and focus on not thinking. I am really bad at not thinking. During relaxey time at the end of yoga, I often find myself singing head, shoulder, knees and toes in my head. Or, like, a cooler option than that. Something by FKA Twigs.

Other things I have heard of people doing to sort things out and get their head in order after a stressful time include knitting, writing, dancing, drawing, kickboxing, running, walking, dog-grooming, self-grooming (like with face-masks or nail art), visiting a favourite place, talking to a good friend or making endless pots of tea.

My house is clean, and I know what my main character is going to do today (befriend a priest, have an altercation with a handsome fellow.) What’ your go-to brain cleanse? Can I steal it? SEMC 3MP DSC

6 thoughts on “Useful ways to meditate.

  1. I love this idea of engaging in meditative, centering activities rather than putting pressure on oneself to sit in a silent room for an hour trying not to think about the growing discomfort in one’s lower back!

    I’ve been working at my favorite yoga studio one morning a week (next month I move to three days a week), and I’m enjoying the cleaning way more than I thought I would. It IS meditative, and it also gives me a quiet sense of pride to know I’m helping to keep the space spick-and-span for the good of the community.

    And of course, I have my knitting right here on my lap as I type. ❤

  2. It took me a long time to realise that meditation of the sit down and focus on your breathing type is simply the act of living in the presence of your sensations rather than living in your stream of consciousness in terms of whatever happens to pass through your brain. I absolutely love to think, it’s one of my favourite things to do, particularly when I’ve come up with some creative, problem solving plan. Before learning to meditate I used to live in a slightly darker headspace, one of self criticism and needless worry. The realisation that I could choose to direct my thoughts elsewhere (to the breath, for example) helped me to learn to get off the worry rollercoaster more quickly …and practice and practice and practice… i’m not saying I’m a zen master by any stretch of the imagination but I genuinely feel that I am overall living in a calmer headspace thanks to mindfulness meditation. It’s not about stopping thoughts, as whether your attention is on your shopping list or on your breathing, u still have ur attention on something. Some meditation sessions get you to visualise someone or something – if that isn’t thinking, I don’t know what is.

  3. Hi Deirdre
    I was very impressed by your zest for housework. Fancy coming to do mine? 😉 I was also very taken with your picture at the end, because The Great Lover s one of my all time favourite books. Hope you’re enjoying it!
    All best
    Emma 🙂

  4. Caoimhe, I find visualising hard too. Not in terms of imagination, but in terms of being told what to think about. I tend to drift off my own way, which can be wonderful in it’s own way. But so far the best way for me to clear my thoughts involves my physicality, whether it be movement like yoga, or scrubbing the bathroom. I love how everyone’s brain is unique. There’s no one size fits all but it’s lovely to share our practises I think.

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