February is a great month!

Us Minus Mum -website

The excitement this month has been Us Minus Mum which was published last year. The book has moved from being nominated for the Carnegie Award to being in the long list. There are twenty books in the long list that is created by librarians from all over the country.

I never thought my book would reach this stage and I’ve have had a permanent grin on my face ever since I heard.

It hasn’t stopped me working on my next book which is going to be for Young Adults and is about a boy staying with his grandfather. I am doing lots of research at the moment (the internet is so useful for that) and am finding out all sorts of interesting things about animals that live in Antarctica and how to make go-karts out of planks of wood.

I’m also being very busy at the school I teach in two days a week. Every child is keeping a writing journal where they write stories for an hour each week. I give them some ideas but they choose what they are going to write about. I love reading their ideas and the children seem to love having the freedom to write about what they want to. So it’s a win-win!

Have a happy day and see if you can spot someone doing something interesting that might be worth remembering to bring in to a story.


2 thoughts on “February is a great month!

  1. HI Heather!

    Feb is a FAB month! First thing, it’s the month of the Fishes, secondly, it’s going to be my 25th Birthday on the 25TH!!! OMG, I can’t WAIT!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 (see what I did there with posting five hearts?!) ❤ (you only turn 25 once.) ❤

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