So my second YA novel, ‘Cloud 9’, has a face. The book cover has just been finalised and ta-da, here it is…

CLOUD_9 (3)

I love it. Though I’ll admit the very first drafts took some getting used to. Not because it’s not a brilliant design (thanking you, amazing Hot Key Books and your fantastic artistic talent). But because seeing the cover of your book for the first time is a bit like someone else naming your baby.

Chances are it’s never going to come close to the name you had in your head. It’s going to take a lot of re-thinking and re-adjusting until you reach the conclusion: it’s the right one after all. You just never thought of it.

It’s such a personal thing writing a book – it’s hard to surrender ownership. Not to react knee-jerk nervous. But, like they say, raising a child can take a whole village, so it takes a lot of (very talented people) to launch a book, from editors and publicists, to book bloggers and booksellers.

And so today, I raise my cup of tea to the designers. I’m so-very glad you’re in my village.

Thank you for helping me raise the face of ‘Cloud 9’ out of my imagination alone!


7 thoughts on “ANOTHER COVER UP

  1. Right behind you on this Alex. Writing is SO personal. I always feel like I’ve handed over my diary when I have to share my work!

    LOVE the new cover 😉

  2. I love the cover, it’s really unique. I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover but I’d certainly pick it up.

  3. Hi Alex! 😀 LOVE the new cover!! 😀 I have 1 question, if you don’t mind, do you, as the writer, have any say on what cover you want your story to end up with? 🙂 (Other Authors can answer this too.)

  4. Ah thank you Brianna and Laura! Laura – I don’t mind at all! It’s a good question. I think publishers can differ as to how much they involve their writers. Hot Key are great in that they involve you a lot. So what happens is that I get given a number of different designs to comment on and then after that a first draft of everyone’s favourite -again to comment on if I need to. It can be hard having input sometimes, as you always have an image already in your head – but I’m learning to trust that the publishers know best as to what works in shops etc. Hope that answers your question! x

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