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In Darkling Wood Cover Reveal!

Maybe it’s a bit sneaky to do a cover reveal on Valentine’s Day, when I should be posting about luuurrrvvve.

But what if I told you that I. Just. LOVE. the cover for my next book ‘In Darkling Wood’, and that today I’m showing that love by sharing it FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME here on Girls Heart Books.

The book, my third for Faber, is published on 2nd July and I’m already getting nervous ( or excited, or both). I don’t think it gets any less thrilling each time! I’m at the copy edits stage currently, so very soon it’ll be proofs and then * drum roll* an actual book.

So, without further flaffing about, here is the cover for In Darkling Wood- and the back cover blurb. Hope you love it too!




A middle of the night phone call brings news that could save Alice’s sick brother’s life.

Back in 1918, the War over, another girl awaits her brother’s safe return from the Front.

Neither girl must give up hope.

For at the bottom of their garden is Darkling Wood, a place full of magic and secrets, and where the fight for its very existence has only just begun.

That’s if you believe in fairies…

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