Taking your dog (and imagination) for a walk

It was VERY cold on Sunday. All I wanted was to sit in the warm with a mug of coffee, an enormous triple chocolate cookie WITH MY NAME ON and a book.

But I have a dog, and she wanted to go for a walk.

So I put on two fleeces, a coat, a scarf, a thick pair of socks and my wellies and out we went. The dog had great fun running, sniffing and playing with dogs we met on our way. And what do you know! Not only did I warm up but so did my imagination.

First there was this ghostly, derelict barn.



What happened here? How did such a magnificent building end up like this? Who is making that spookilishas noise coming from inside?







Then there was a pillbox hidden at the side of the road.




Who watched from here a long time ago? Is anyone watching now?






I met a swan and its partner – who was just out of shot.




Why the distance? Have they fallen out over who’s turn to tidy the nest?




And on the way back there was a  tiny pony, almost the same size as my dog.




What is the pony thinking about?  Is it dreaming of carrots or  becoming a racehorse?





Better still, while walking, I worked out a problem that’s been stopping my work in progress from progressing.

Walking the dog, and my imagination, was a brilliant way to spend Sunday morning. And hey, did that coffee and cookie taste good when I got back!

How do you exercise your imagination?

10 thoughts on “Taking your dog (and imagination) for a walk

  1. Hi Julie! Sorry I missed this Blog yesterday! I LOVE to watch films to help my story! For a clue, I love to watch, The Hunger Games, Golden Compass, and Into The Woods at the moment to help me get me ideas! 😀

  2. I love to go on Rightmove, out of sheer nosiness and because I’m fascinated by where people live. Then I think ‘Who would live in a house like that, and who would decorate their living room like that?’ Another thing that sparks my imagination is snippets of conversations overheard in coffee shops or on the street. Or funny stories told by friends.

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