Read Completely Cassidy For Free!

HaFiction - CompletelyCassidy - front cover Oct 14ppy 1st February, everyone! I’m just popping by because it’s one month TODAY until Completely Cassidy: Accidental Genius is published and you can read the first chapter for absolutely FREE here

There will be lots of prizes and giveaways over the next month and the details of how you can enter a super exciting short story competition with some EIP (EXTREMELY Important People) judges!

Can you tell I’m a teensy bit excited? Can you, can you?

Oh, and don’t forget to let me know what you think of the first chapter.

Tamsyn x

2 thoughts on “Read Completely Cassidy For Free!

  1. I thought it was great – authentic and lots of fun. I’m sharing it with my daughter and her friends, who all started year 7 this year so I’m sure they’ll be looking for it when it comes out.

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