The Abandoned Book

abandoned bookWalking along the footpath on my way home last week, I was very shocked to see an abandoned book. It was lying there on the grass, its pages soggy and torn. I dislike people leaving litter anyway – some people near where I live drop crisp packets and drink cans. But a BOOK! How can you drop a whole book?

To me, a book is a precious thing. A non fiction book is full of intriguing information. A fiction book has a whole new world to explore inside its covers! So even if I ended up with a book which didn’t turn out to be MY kind of book, I would never abandon it. I’d take it back to the library for someone else to enjoy or if I’d bought it, I’d pass it on to a friend. As a last resort, I would give it to a charity collection to be sold second hand. I would never NEVER abandon it. I felt quite sad seeing the book lying there.

So I started to wonder how it had come to be there. Did it fall out of someone’s bag without them realising? Was it dropped there on purpose?  If it was left on purpose, had the book’s owner read part of the book and disliked it? Had they been offended by something inside it?

I was sure there was some kind of story behind that abandoned book. I left it on a nearby sheltered wall, hoping that someone might reclaim it but it was still there when I passed by a few days later. In the end, it was picked up by street cleaners and recycled – a sad end to something that took someone months maybe years to write… something that trees were cut down to create the pages for the ink to print on. Seeing the book lying there inspired me to sort through my bookshelves. I have now  given some books my children have grown out of to people with younger kids. I want the books I’ve bought to reach people who’ll love them so that the stories can come to life again and again!


My fixed blogging date is the 30th of each month at the moment, so you won’t see me in February (no 30th!). But I’ll be back near the end of March to tell you a little more about the two books that I’m having published this spring. The first is Red Moon Rising, which will be released in April. The second is The Storm Dragon, the first in a series for younger readers especially those who enjoyed my Rescue Princesses books. See you soon!

3 thoughts on “The Abandoned Book

  1. Hi Paula! A few years ago, I looked out the window, and saw a teenager ripping pages out of the book until it was nothing but rips on the ground. It KILLED me. So i’ll see you when I’m 25 then? I’ll be 25 on the 25th of Feb, so yeah.. 😀 (I’m SO excited about it I can’t even!!)

  2. I do have to admit that there are two books in this world that I have dropped in a rubbish bin. They were /so/ nasty that I didn’t want to take the responsibility of letting them loose on the world again…

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