Photo on 18-05-2014 at 18.26So, I have, like, a job and stuff. Apart from writing. So, I suppose I have two jobs? It’s just one has regular hours and one is kind of up to me. I don’t think I’m alone in being a person who likes to write, who wants to write, but finds it hard when life gets in the way. So I am going to give you some MOTIVATION TIPS. I have all-capsed MOTIVATION TIPS in order to motivate you. Yelling motivates some people. Which is why gym instructors yell things like ‘five more’ and ‘lift those legs’.

1. Snacks. I like to reward myself with snacks. These are usually sweet. Occasionally baked. Often cheese based and always delicious. “Write 500 words of the thing” I say to myself “And I will give you some M and Ms.” This only works if you have time and snacks.

2. Word-Count. I use word count to motivate myself a lot. I think it’s because I’ve done Nanowrimo so often, but if I say I’ll do 1000 words over the weekend and actually do it, it feels pretty good.

3. Reading books. Sometimes books that have a little bit to do with what I’m writing. I only read true crime for a month last year and it was horrible, but it made sense for the book I was writing, in which horrible things occurred. At the moment, I’m reading about the darker side of Irish myth, missing women, ghosts and YA fiction featuring cute couples. I hope my brain is making a sort of stock out of what I’ve read and the facts and things absorbed will make the story tastier. Sadly, nothing is tastier than peanut M and Ms so maybe book will be about a shy girl who finds out that the new boy in her class is secretly an enormous M and M, and so she asks him out with nefarious intentions.

4. Opening lots of interesting internet articles and then minimising them and I’m not allowed to have them until I’ve at least started to write the thing. This is a dangerous strategy, because you can just end up reading all of the things and then not writing anything. If you are brave, and pass the marshmallow test, this might work for you.

5. Procrastination. Okay, procrastination is terrible, and you might not think it could be a MOTIVATING TIP. But hear me out. Step one is find something you want to do even less than writing. Step two is do writing instead of doing that thing. Step three is feel smug. Boom.

What do ye make of my ‘process’? Do you have any helpful suggestions to motivate me, I’m good for writing at the moment, but I’d love to go to the gym more..( i.e. ever)


  1. I do all of that, and watch films. Watching films help me to think of new ideas to re-shape into my story, and if something happens in the film, what can I do to my character that could help get the same reaction?

  2. Advice for people who have trouble finishing- try again. Keep trying. Some stories need a push, others are just there to teach you lessons about writing that will help when the right story comes along….

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