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More tiny things

A few days ago Julia Lee posted A love letter to all things tiny – and I immediately thought about the Magic Forest, my absolute favourite part of the Edinburgh Zoo (which I like to visit in February as a birthday treat, so it’s coming up soon!).  The Magic the home of tiny monkeys.  Utterly minute, utterly adorable, tiny, tiny monkeys.

Like the smallest monkey in the world – the Eastern Pygmy Marmoset –

P1040782 P1040784 P1040795

Or the Golden-headed Lion Tamarin –


Either of these little beauties could sit comfortably in the palm of my hand – how I wish that could actually happen!

So, now it’s your turn – what is your favourite tiny creature?  I’m all set to go Aaah!

5 thoughts on “More tiny things

  1. I AM all set to go aaah – but I’m in Edinburgh today meeting with a new publisher – well, not new, but new to me – and I’m not nervous – oh no – no danger of babbling or anything – so I’m saving the aaahing for when I get back this evening … that’ll be me, going aaah, oh yes indeed … (deep breath)

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