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My new book cover has arrived!

TMD cover

I am so excited! It’s over three years since I started writing this book and here is its cover. This week it was previewed in The Bookseller, which is a magazine for people who sell books, telling them what is going to be published.

The Milkshake Detectives is about two girls, Charlie and Julia, who set up a detective agency in their village and call themselves the Milkshake Detectives. They just need something to happen that they can solve. And something does happen. A bear keeps appearing and doing things; only the two heroes are not the only people on the bear’s case and Charlie has to put up with two little step-brothers who are possibly the worst behaved children on the planet. What Charlie is missing though, is a mystery that is happening right under her nose.

The Milkshake Detectives is published on April 2nd and I am very excited about it!

Meanwhile, I am working with children in a school in Watford this week. We are making up stories about aliens and also making books. I’ve been to the school before, so know I will have a good time. It might snow as well. I love snow, even though it’s cold!

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6 thoughts on “My new book cover has arrived!

    • Thanks. It was such fun to write – a real mix of a who-dunnit and a ten year old working out how to live with a new family.

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