My top writing tip for 2015

After nearly a year and a half away, I’m back on the team at girlsheartbooks – hooray!

The last post I wrote before I left, Life’s Full of Surprises, was about how I’d suddenly found myself writing serious books after always having written funny ones. The two books I mentioned in it are both being published soon; the first one The Binding comes out in February, and I’ll tell you a bit more about it in my next post. The second one, Drift, will be published later in the year.

After I had finished writing The Binding and Drift, my work took another surprising turn – I gave up writing for children to work on a non-fiction book for adults, Writing in the House of Dreams. I wasn’t sure I would ever come back to children’s writing, which is why I decided I should leave girlsheartbooks.

Getting serious, talking about my new adult book at the launch (photo taken by the lovely Liz Kessler)

Getting serious, talking about my new adult book at the launch (photo taken by the lovely Liz Kessler)

But last week, when I was pondering what to work on in 2015, someone who had read my book on dreams emailed me to ask if I had ever thought about writing fantasy. To my surprise, I realised I hadn’t. Not for one moment. All my books had been very firmly set in the real world.

This was surprising because I’d always had a very exciting dream life, where all kinds of weird things happened, just like in fantasy fiction. My very first post on girlsheartbooks was called Let’s Talk about Dreams! and one of my last was Let’s Talk about Dreams Again!

As soon as I started thinking about whether I might enjoy writing fantasy, I had a weird and amazing dream which was like a complete story. When I woke up, I thought, ‘That’s my next book!’

So I’m back writing for children, which I’ve really missed, but with a completely new kind of book for me. There may be angels! There may be aliens! There will definitely be danger and adventures, and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

There may be angels!

There may be angels!

So here’s my top writing tip for 2015: Don’t always write the kind of things you think you can write best; write whatever it is that makes you feel excited.

Have you ever surprised yourself by trying something new and feeling really excited?

8 thoughts on “My top writing tip for 2015

  1. HI JENNY, WE MISSED YOU!! 😀 😀 😀

    That happens to me a lot when I see a picture, I know that that person/animal is going to be in a story, so I start looking at the picture in depth, like, what are they thinking, or running from, what’s in the shed/room/outside world that they want or need.

    That happed with my new animal and girl in my new story: White Shadow. I saw a white stag picture of him lying in the forest, his legs tucked under him, looking out into the forest. The girl, who I’ve named Anna, was in a shed, sitting on boxes, I wondered what she was doing in the shed and what did she want. 🙂

    (You have an insight to how my crazy mind works, I know I’m odd.. 🙂

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