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Writing Shoes…

Hi everyone,

With the deadlines I’ve been dealing with these last few months (ARGH!!!), comfy shoes are more important than ever. Not that I write while standing up! I have a desk I sit at, but still…I like to keep my tootsies feeling unconstricted, so good shoes are a must – and in my case that usually means something along the lines of a sneaker. Converse is an old favourite of mine, although I have other fashion-y brands I like to slip on, too.

What I really enjoy is a sneaker in a good colour…

I love a good colour!

I love a good colour!


And now, during the winter, I appreciate an extra bit of sparkle…

Wowzee! I love a bit of shoe sparkle!

Wowzee! I love a bit of shoe sparkle!


Sometimes it’s fun to match a sneaker to a book cover!



Or even to an old favourite pair of jeans…

Patchwork and pink!

Patchwork and pink!

So what do your tootsies appreciate most? And what do you wear when you’re writing or working at your desk?

Carina x

5 thoughts on “Writing Shoes…

  1. Cheeta spotted bed-socks and black-Slipper-boots this month! Keep extra cosy! 😀 LOVE the matching shoes to stuff! 😀 I have pastel-pink and sky-blue pumps that I can’t WAIT to wear next year in the summer!! I’m into long water-fall tops at the moment too! Red, Blue, pink, blue, purple and green are in my closet! 😀

  2. I wear Crocs at home. Before I had a pair, I used to be quite rude about them – after all, they’re not the prettiest of footwear! But they are SO comfy, and easy to slip on and off, I’m a convert!

    I adore your gold sparkly pair. I have shoe envy now!

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