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Winter Magic

Hi girls!

Wow, how cool that this page snows now! Well, usually I am just bursting with things to tell you, and new thoughts and zingy ideas… But not this month! And that’s kind of the point. Winter. It’s when everything’s going on under the surface, ready for spring. It’s when the fields have been harvested and lie fallow, ready for the next season of growing (kind of like my brain after finishing a project or handing a new book in to my editor!).


I was really busy with a writing project in the autumn, and it was fun, exhilarating, fast-paced – I loved every minute! But now it’s winter, and I’m getting down with nature and just resting and chilling out until it’s time for something new.I’m developing an exciting new YA trilogy – but there’s nothing to see yet. It’s all in my head, and a few scribbles in notebooks, and a one-minute video I made which captures the spirit of it. But that’s OK. That’s exactly where I want it to be, slowly growing and gathering pace, ready to burst forth in the spring like the new flowers and make me rush to my laptop and have a blast writing it all.


Last week I went on a brilliant retreat with lots of other children’s and YA writers, out in the countryside near Bristol. I spent a lot of time in the woods just looking at all the different wonderful things around me (as you can see from the pictures in this post). It was the perfect winter weekend retreat to go on. It wasn’t about business, or publishing, or how to tell people about our books and sell more of them. It was about nature and creativity and slowing down and taking everything in and just… chilling out. Going with the flow. And doing comedy expressive dancing to Thriller, obviously. And laughing. A lot.


So, I’d like to wish you a bit of winter magic all of your own. Go slow. Look around. Take it easy. Chill. Cosy up with a good book. Trust me, it may not look like you’re doing any great creative work, but it will all be going on, under the surface. Then, when the perfect moment comes, it will all burst into colour and life, as brilliant ideas, new projects and exciting plans!


Happy winter, girls!


6 thoughts on “Winter Magic

  1. Hi Kelly!

    I LOVE WINTER SO MUCH!!! So much magic is in winter I can’t even explain. I love the fact that animals know by instinct all that they have to do to keep warm, even though they might not have learnt it when they were young, I love how it snows and every single snowflake is different and special. I LOVE WINTER!! 😀 😀

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