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Sprouts! The good, the bad, the evil…

Hello! I’m sure you’ll have heard about the Girls Heart Books anthology by now, but just in case you haven’t, check out this post by Jo Cotterill, which explains it all. In the comments of this post, Jo mentions Cathy Brett’s brilliant cover with its details from each story, and Cathy remarks on the perils of drawing a sprout. Huge thanks to Cathy for drawing a potentially evil (though extremely cute, in her hands) vegetable.



My story in Girls Heart Christmas is called The Evil Sprout. Brussels sprouts are an established part of seasonal dinners in Britain, but no-one actually likes them! Or do they…? And why did I choose to write about a sprout in the first place?


Well, it’s confession time. Last year, I myself did absent-mindedly order a single sprout. Just one sprout. Sprout solo. Lonesome, solitary, single. Separated from its sproutly brothers, sisters and cousins. Sproutsville Central, Population One.

At the time, I mentioned this on Twitter and lots people wrote me messages. They laughed about my shopping skills, and they shared stories of their dislike for sprouts. But some – gasp! – told me that they not-so-secretly loved sprouts. Others sent me recipes. Check out this array of recipes at BBC Good Food, for example. Could you really hate sprouts if they were dressed up in these fancy ways? Is it possible that Brussels sprouts have just had a bad press all this time?

POLL! Over to you… Sprouts: are they evil or not? Please let me know in this poll, or in the comments!

A few weeks into the New Year, my online shop arrived again.

“Is this a nursing home?” the kindly delivery man asked.

“No,” I replied. “Just one family live here. Why do you ask?”

“Ah,” he said with a long-suffering sigh. “It’s just that you ordered 22 four-pint bottles of milk, and we’ve brought them all. Did you mean to order so many?”

But that’s another story…


P.S. You can buy Girls Heart Christmas here, and read about The Evil Sprout, as well as fab stories from 9 other Girls Heart Books authors!

Image credits: Sprouts by MaxStraeten at Morguefile, Evil Sprout from Cathy Brett‘s cover for Girls Heart Christmas, edited by Jo Cotterill and Julie Sykes

9 thoughts on “Sprouts! The good, the bad, the evil…

  1. Great minds Luisa! I’ve done the wrong ordering thing too. My carrots arrived in carrier bags. The delivery driver assumed I had horses. For ages afterwards, every time someone visited they left with a gift of carrots.

    One sprout is classic. Shame my daughter has just read your sprout story or I’d be tempted to have another ordering mishap this Christmas. 😉

  2. I used to loathe sprouts and if they are plain boiled only eat them out of a sense of duty (possibly misguided). It’s become a bit of a family joke as, when my little brother (er, aged 48) serves up Christmas dinner he says “And here are Jane’s traditional two small sprouts!”.

    However, I have discovered a Useful Spell: 1. Cut sprouts in half. 2. Dunk them in boiling water for 1 (ONE) minute. 3. Run them under cold water. 4. Heat sesame oil in frying-pan 5. Stir-fry sprout halves for 1 (ONE) minute.

    Result – magic! I am transformed into a person who likes sprouts!

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