Free Pineapple (the e-book, not the fruit)!

Hi girls! I’m really excited to tell you about my friend Mia Castle’s new e-book, Pineapple. And fabulously, you can get it free from now until Friday 8th August by clicking here

poppies 2I'm free!

Pineapple is a World War 1 Centenary book, in honour of many brave men and women. And it’s a romance, too. Here’s a bit about it:

War doesn’t stop for love, they say. 

In 2014, Poppy Moss is spending the summer at Hadleigh Hall in some form or art therapy, trying to escape the past. Tariq is also there to delve into  history, trying to fulfil a long-held promise. And then Poppy meets Robbie – uncomplicated, honourable, sweet, and the answer to her prayers.  The problem is, Robbie lives in 1914, and in his life, war is fast approaching. 

Like the fruit itself, Pineapple is bitter-sweet, crossing centuries, countries and cultures as three teens discover the truth. 

It’s not that war doesn’t stop for love. It’s the other way round. Love doesn’t stop for war. 

Happy reading, girls! And please do visit Mia’s site when you’ve read it to leave your comments!


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