Crafting and Launching and Sweets, oh my!!

When I feel stressed, I like to make things. Recently I’ve been making sharpie mugs, which is when you take a mug and write on it with permanent marker (oil-based is best) and bake it in the over for 45 minutes and then what you have written STAYS put on the mug. I got the idea from my friend Ciara, who is clever and fancy and made of win. I made ones with the first and last sentences of my book written on for my book launch. We raffled off a box of fine things I had crafted and books I like and stamps and things. It was pretty fun. I think I like making things when I’m busy because the part of my brain that likes to write is too tired to do it properly.

But, on the plus side, new book is out and there was a a launch, and I had to be in photos and I feel awkward in photos so I do ridiculous shapes with my arms and it’s all a bit of a mess. This is me, at the launch. It was party-themed so there was special bunting and fizzy orange and loads of childhood sweets and crisps, like burger bites and candy necklaces. It was a lovely evening and I was very grateful to all the people who could have been eating ice-cream in the sunshine but instead chose to hang out in a basement.
So, I have some questions for the readers of g<3b,

1. Do you like to make things? And if so, what sort of things?

2. What were your favourite childhood treats? (I loved Big Time bars and Monster Munch. NOM.)




9 thoughts on “Crafting and Launching and Sweets, oh my!!

  1. Hi!

    I like making like, jars and things like that look cool, nothing like sitting down and painting a good jar! 🙂

    I love a good Time Out! (the choc bar) 🙂 Don’t have a lot of choc. I like oranges n bananas. 🙂

  2. When we’re at sleepovers me and my friends like to make these little sketches that we film. They’re so bad but they’re hilarious! I also love collages and scrapbook type things 🙂

  3. Hello! I love the sharpie mugs! A very cool idea. I love seeing crafty things but I am terrible at it myself. There are some brilliant art and crafts which people I know have made and they are amazing to look at. I wish I had the ability and the patience to sit and make things. When I was younger, I made things out of plastic bottles and cardboard, but lost interest in doing it now. Though I do like the sharpie mugs and might have a go myself!

    I used to love pick n mix when I was very little which I used to get a handful and scram it in my mouth in the shop until I got caught. Whoops, but yum. 😀 xx

    • You should try it! I’m not super good at crafts, I just like doing them even if they come out a bit wonky. That pick and mix thing happens all the time. Worked in a shop that sold it, and have avoided it ever since…

  4. 1. I adore crafting. Card-making is my speciality, but I also like sewing and papercraft and glass painting and patchwork. I used to love jewellery-making but ended up with loads of stuff I never wore!
    2. Favourite childhood treats were candy sticks that looked like cigarettes and sherbet pips bought from the local village shop, which had those and pineapple cubes and lemon bonbons in jars, so they would measure them out into a paper bag 🙂 sherbet pips were my favourite, even though they got stuck in my teeth!

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