Goodbyes and hellos to our bloggers!

Well, it’s nearly the end of the month, and it’s that time again when we say a sad farewell to some of our bloggers and shiny new HELLO to others!

I am REALLY sad that we’re losing Diane Messidoro and Kate Maryon, who have been with us since the VERY BEGINNING back in May 2011! Three years of fantastic blog posts from them both, so I’m going to share my favourite posts of theirs with you 🙂

Kate’s very first blog post was about all the jobs she’s had. She also shared her wisdom about writing and life and how we should all try harder to say the things that really matter to us. And she sang the praises of school librarians, and wrote movingly about the things she wished she’d known when she was thirteen. But the post that got us all over-excited was her latest revelation about girls being banned from reading books. A really fantastic April’s Fool! Here at GHB we’ll miss Kate’s beautiful heartfelt posts about life and dreams – come back soon, Kate!

Diane has delighted us with her hilarious doodlings over the years. Her first post was about her messy hair, but she’s also blogged about writing in the back of a van, the writer’s curse of the dreaded beanbag buttocks, and the truly astonishing Tick Tock Beep Beep Woo Hoo Knickers. She’s also reminded us on more than one occasion how we girls are JUST as important as the boys in this world, even though it doesn’t always feel like it. RAH RAH Diane! And we’d love to see you back one day too!

We’re also losing the very lovely and brilliant Julie Bertagna, Tommy Donbavand, Caroline Juskus and Philip Reeve – and if you click on their names you’ll find one of their posts too. Farewell and good luck with the writing, everyone!

But now on to the good news! We are being joined by some wonderful, wonderful people – and I’m not saying ‘writers’ because for the first time ever we’re being joined by someone who is an illustrator rather than a writer! Huge welcome to Mina May, the 13-year-old illustrator of the Wendy Quill books! Mina is the daughter of Wendy Meddour, who many of you will remember from Girls Heart Books as a regular blogger.

Also welcome to: Carina Axelsson, Julia Lee, Cavan Scott, Alex Campbell and Sally Nicholls! If you click on their names you can visit their websites. We’re totally thrilled at having them all on board, so look out for their first posts next month!

6 thoughts on “Goodbyes and hellos to our bloggers!

  1. “So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye …” to those bloggers who are leaving – you will be missed!

    “Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! …” to the new bloggers joining – I shall read with interest!

    I wish the best of luck to all of you!

  2. Ahhh, thanks for your lovely words, Jo, I will really miss ranting/waffling about in my monthly doodlings, I’ve had a ball and it’s been brilliant nattering with all the GHB-ers. Once my next book’s written I’d love to come back again and I’ll definitely be popping in as often as possible in the meantime. Meantime, happy spring all and a big welcome to the newbies. Dx

  3. Sorry to be blogging and running, everyone – but I have a hectic few months ahead, much of which will be spent in hotels with dodgy wi-fi. Jo knows how close I’ve come to missing a post due to poor Internet access (I resorted to driving up and down the nearest stretch of motorway to find a service station with a robust connection, in the end!).

    Needless to say, I’ll be reading regularly. Thanks to all for making my shirt stay such a welcome one.


  4. Farewell! It’s been lovely being here – and so touching, Jo, to look back over some of my old posts. Thank you for being the wonderful inspiration behind this blog and I promise I’ll be back soon! XX Love Love Love XX

    • Hi Charlene! Our bloggers are all personally invited, but I’m always open to suggestions 🙂 The basic criteria is that a blogger must be traditionally published (that is, not exclusively self-published or e-published) and must have at least one book in print (preferably recent) that’s suitable for readers of 8-14. Most of our bloggers have been published for years and have a lot of books to their name, but we do also have a few debut authors from time to time. And of course we have regular slots for guest bloggers who have new books out! I hope that answers your question, but if you want to chat further, email me at 🙂 Jo

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