Library Cats

cats and books – a perfect combination

(from wikimedia)

That photo is from 1902, and shows two things I really like – cats and books.  And if I think cats and a couple of books make a good thing, how much better would it be to combine cats and an entire library of books?

cat and lots of books – even better!

(from a cup of tea and a game of scrabble blog)

cat and library ladder

(from Daily Mail on line)

cat and library trolley

 (from BBC News online)

cat on a shelf

(from Private Library blog)

cat as duster

(from dark side of the catalogue blog)

Apparently there are Library Cats all over the world.  What a great idea!  What do you think?  What would you like to see the next time you drop into your favourite library?  Library Cats?  Library Dogs?  Library Iguanas?

Or how about Tiny Library Monkeys like this one I saw at Edinburgh Zoo?

tiny library monkey

(“What are you looking at?  Terry Pratchett has an orangutan running the library in his books!”)

So now, it’s over to you – what creature would you choose to find in a library?  Beasts and books!  Fabulous!

12 thoughts on “Library Cats

  1. Well, these are awfully cute (especially the kitty duster) but I have to say I much prefer dogs. I am an editor and graphic designer for St. Ellen Press, and on our Facebook page, we have a Basset Hound puppy as our mascot. He loves books, naturally, but whether he prefers reading them to chewing them is a debatable question. He’s named Webster (after the dictionary, of course), and visitors find him scattered throughout the site with his own affectionate comments. I’ll leave a link to that page just in case you’d like to take a peek at him.

  2. Love the cat duster 😀 I wouldn’t mind library cake! D though not creatures, but very tasty! 😀 An entire library of books and cake – works for me! C; xx

  3. Is one of those gorgeous ginger cats Dewey Readmore Books?
    Several of my books have teethmarks from overexcited kittens and/or wrinkled bits where my cats have dribbled on them – library cats would have to be better-behaved than our mad quartet!

  4. The best dusters would be library longhaired hamsters – you’d put them in at one end of the book-shelf and collect them at the other, and then de-dust them before sending them back along the next shelf… hoping that they didn’t make a nest in the books on the way…

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