advent calendar 2013

Advent Calendar Day 21 – Christmas bingo!

Done your wrapping? Sent your cards? All ready for Christmas? Eaten too much emergency fudge? Exhausted?

Well, here’s a great game for you to play with your friends and family to remind you all that Christmas is meant to be a time of togetherness!

Christmas Bingo - for when you're too stressed to do anything else!

Christmas Bingo – for when you’re too stressed to do anything else!

Just click HERE for the site. You’ll need to download the .zip file to your computer – it’s quite large – but don’t worry, it’s safe, I’ve tried it out for you! Then you need to print the six bingo cards and the bingo game pieces.

Bingo cards printed off!

Bingo cards printed off!

Not played bingo before? It’s easy! Cut out all the bingo game pieces and put them in a bowl or a bag or some other container. One person can be the bingo caller. Everyone else gets a bingo card.

The caller (without looking!) pulls out a piece from the bowl. Let’s say it’s a snowflake. They call out ‘snowflake’! and everyone crosses out the snowflake on their card. (To make the cards last longer, put a plastic counter or a piece of paper over the top of the matching picture – that way you can play again and again!) The caller pulls out another piece from the bowl, and you cross off or cover over that picture on your card.

And now it’s like that game ‘four-in-a-row’. The aim of Bingo is to get a whole line of pictures covered over – up or down, but not diagonally (sorry!). Once you’ve got a whole line of five pictures, you shout ‘Line!’ (though I always like to shout ‘Bingo!’ because otherwise where’s the fun?!) and you win the round!

The caller puts all the pieces back in the bowl and you play again! What’s brilliant is that you can play this game with people of ANY age! (well, maybe not under 3s…) Have fun!

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