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Advent Calendar Day 19 – emergency Christmas card!

Oh no! A friend has just given you a card, and you’ve realised that you didn’t send one to them! But you’ve used all your cards up! What are you going to do? No worries with our quick and easy handmade Christmas card!

Emergency 10-min card!

Emergency 10-min card!

  • Take a sheet of card (or a card blank) and fold it in half.
  • Take a piece of wrapping paper and cut out a square
  • Stick the square onto the front of the card
  • stick two pieces of ribbon onto the square in a cross shape (so that it looks like a wrapped parcel)
  • Write ‘Merry Christmas!’ in tiny writing on white paper and cut it out in a tag shape. Stick this to the middle of the crossed ribbons
  • Cut out two or three holly leaves from green paper and stick them on top of the tag (I have a paper punch for this but you could cut them out yourself, or maybe use a sparkly sticker)
  • Put red dots on for holly berries (I used one of those little paint tubes with a nozzle, but you could also use red sequins or red paint, or cut out a circle from a piece of red paper)
  • Voila! Write your message inside, place in an envelope, seal it up and hand it to your friend
  • Feel very relieved that they won’t think you don’t like them any more

I used red colours because I happened to have them in my craft stash, but you could try:

  • blue shiny wrapping paper on a white card blank, with silver ribbon and a snowflake sticker
  • hot pink wrap on an orange card blank with green ribbon and a big yellow sequin in the middle
  • green and gold combo

Whatever you have to hand can be put to good use! And if you do make one at the last minute, don’t forget to take a pic and email it to so we can add it to our reader gallery on 23rd December!

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