Bat Cakes and Monster Books

Recently I moved house, and had to throw out a lot of my old things. I knew that I ought to get rid of all the funny odds and ends that I wasn’t ever going to use, but in some cases I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. How could I throw out presents that people have given me… particularly the ones that people made for me themselves?

Here are some of the gifts my ingenious friends have created for me over the years.

This is a vampire-hunting kit, complete with a map showing a route through Transylvania. (There was also a letter, claiming to be from a dying vampire hunter, asking me to continue his mission for him!)

Vampire Hunting Kit-small

Another friend had a dream where she came to my birthday party and gave me a googley-eyed purple monster book. So she did.

purple googly eyed monster book-small

Two of my other friends bought some day-glo toy guns, and redecorated them so that they looked much more interesting. The ‘Venomous Gunbeast’ on the left is mine, and the ‘Gentleman’s Pistol’ on the right was given to my boyfriend. They came with ‘instructions’, including what to feed the Gunbeast, and how to use the Pistol for “duels with dastardly time-villains” and fending off “eyeball-eating space lizards”.

Bizarre Guns2-small

Another friend who knew I like bats made me this cake. (At least I didn’t have any trouble finding room for this gift. Mmm, delicious orange-and-chilli-flavoured bat cake.)

bat cake2-small

Let’s be honest, there was no way I could throw out any of those, was there? In the end I got rid of some ‘sensible’ items instead to make room for them. After all, who knows when I might run into a dastardly time villain, or get sent to Transylvania on an urgent vampire-fighting mission?

Creativity is always glorious, even if it isn’t seen and admired by lots of people. It doesn’t have to result in a book read by thousands, a painting in a gallery or a film that packs the cinemas. Sometimes you can make one person very, very happy by creating something just for them.


9 thoughts on “Bat Cakes and Monster Books

  1. I LOVE getting (and making) gifts for people who are my friends! It’s very fun and it makes you feel happy that you’ve made someone else happy, that’s what I love to do, make people happy! xxx

  2. Wow those are some really terrific birthday presents! I never have the heart to throw out things like that either. I must have about a thousand “Very special shells” that absolutely must be kept.

    • I’m glad it’s not just me! I’m a bit of a hoarder. It’s difficult to throw out shells as well, because each of them is absolutely unique. Do you make things out of your shell hoard, or just keep them as they are?

    • Indeed! I love all the different ways people find to express their creativity, whether it’s painting murals on their own walls, journal entries or making themselves exciting hats. Thanks for commenting!

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