If you love writing, you will love this book!

I’ve read stacks of books about writing because it’s always been my passion, but my all-time favourite wasn’t actually written as a book – it’s a collection of radio talks for young people, given by the wonderful poet, Ted Hughes.

Poetry in the Making, by Ted Hughes

Poetry in the Making, by Ted Hughes

Although it’s called ‘Poetry in the Making’ it isn’t just about poetry – it’s about the whole writing process, and it’s full of great advice and insights.

People often ask authors where their ideas come from, and Hughes explains that there’s this continuous flow of stories going on in all of us, all the time, like fish in a stream. We don’t have to go searching outside ourselves – we just have to learn how to fish.

As a dreamer, I know this is true. The stories of dreams are happening every single night of our lives; they’re abundant and spontaneous, although we may not even be aware of them unless we learn how to capture them through dream-recalling.

Hughes talks about how to find our stories, and also about why some pieces we want to write just don’t seem to come together. He says no-one can write about something they don’t care about – that’s the key and if you get stuck, it’s probably because you don’t care enough.

You can feel the passion in this book, and know that writing is something Ted Hughes really cares about. I love the way it’s written.

If you love writing, I think you will love it too.

What subjects might you feel passionate enough to write about?

5 thoughts on “If you love writing, you will love this book!

  1. Thank you for the recommendation Jenny. I will look out for it. I have just started on a story idea that has a very tricky theme but I really care about it so have to get at least a few chapters written.

    • Hi Lynda – if it’s tricky you really do have to care in order to even get started, and I hope writing a few chapters will strengthen your attachment to the tricky theme even more – such a buzz when that happens.

  2. I’ll get this book next time I go into a bookshop! 🙂

    I love writing about how people find their own way in life. When they realise something they didn’t know that they had always had in themselves all along and they let it feed them so they get stronger. I love putting things, (mostly people in their way to try and (nearly) stop them too! It’s fun to try and block their path and see how they get free! 🙂

    • The way you write about your characters shows you really relate to them and care what happens. I love that too, when a character finds hidden strength in themselves to overcome obstacles they never would have thought they could overcome 🙂

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