A Chat About Hay

Earlier this week, I was at the Hay Festival for an event called It’s a Girl Thing, appearing together with Sophia Bennett and Sarah Webb. Would you like to see three Girls Heart Books authors on stage together? Here we are:

2013-05-28 12.52.24

Sophia, Luisa, Sarah on the Starlight Stage

Isapop, aged 9, and Rocmeister, aged 11, (not quite their real names!) were also there, and they offered to interview me for Girls Heart Books. What follows is a transcript of our chat about Hay.

R and I: What was your favourite thing about the Hay Festival?

L: That’s hard to answer. Everything about it was absolutely brilliant! Maybe it was the way loads of booklovers were all in the same place, and there were so many bookish things going on.
My favourite things about our event were Sarah’s hat and Sophia’s mood board, but I’ll leave those to them to describe sometime, maybe…

I: How did you feel when you were on stage?

L: Thrilled to be there! Also slightly terrified. The Starlight Stage is gorgeous, with twinkling lights and a great atmosphere. I went to an event called Welcome To The Dark Side there the night before mine, and we could hear the wind beating down on the tent. It was a great accompaniment to the dark and dystopian tales being told. Luckily, it was less windy when I was reading from Diary of a Mall Girl!


Dazzling Starlight!

R: How many famous faces did you see?

L: Maybe it depends what you mean by famous, but I’m going to say: LOTS. I recognised a fabulous book blogger called Clover and it was brilliant to see her again! I also saw Roger McGough getting a drink next to you, R! Then, of course, there were children’s/teen authors like Cathy Cassidy and Derek Landy… and Sophia Bennett and Sarah Webb! And I saw Ruby Wax in the green room.
Oh, plus the next day in Cardiff, I spotted Eddie Izzard (while you two were busy looking at Doctor Who exhibits).

R and I: What was your favourite book that you saw on sale in the book tent?

L: I’m not sure. But, Isapop, I’m glad you bought the signed Roger McGough poetry book. And I’m really happy with my signed Caroline Green book, Hold Your Breath. It’s not even officially out yet, as far as I know, and it’s brilliant.

ImaginaryMenagerie Hold Your Breath

I: As it was your first time in Hay, how much did you like the atmosphere?

L: I loved it! It rained a lot, but that didn’t seem to stop anyone having fun. I really hope I can visit again!

Thank you very much for interviewing me, Isapop and Rocmeister!


Ever been to a book festival? Please tell me all about it! πŸ™‚


(Hay photos by Rocmeister.)

6 thoughts on “A Chat About Hay

  1. That was such a great post, Luisa! It was wonderful to get the chance to chat, and well done to your intrepid interviewers for doing a fabulous job for Girls Heart Books. πŸ™‚

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