GUEST BLOGGER: Clémentine Beauvais

This week we are very lucky to have the hugely talented and very funny Clémentine Beauvais, as our guest blogger. Clem has offered to tell us about her first book to publish here, in England! Over to you, Clem.


Some cities are like playgrounds or amusement parks. Cambridge is one of them – so many secret passages, so many old creaky staircases, so many gardens and cellars and attics and rooftops… And of course I would love to go and explore all that, but I’m not brave enough, and I don’t have enough time, and I don’t want to get expelled from the university if the Vice-Chancellor finds me climbing up his Gothic bow-window.

So one day I decided to send someone else in my place, and that’s how Sesame Seade was born. She’s an audacious, precocious, slightly obnoxious, roller-skating self-made-superheroine, and a joyous mix of my favourite heroines as a child – Pippi Longstocking, Matilda, Hermione, Lyra, and French superheroine Fantômette.

For me, an important aspect of the series was that there would be none of that ‘getting rid of the parents’ business that occurs in so many children’s books. Sesame’s parents are constantly (and, hopefully, hilariously) present. Her mum is a Professor and her dad is a Chaplain, and they’re both just as Serious and Authoritative as their titles make them sound. Most of Sesame’s mystery-solving life entails finding elaborate ways of disobeying their orders…

Sleuth on Skates is my first book published in English and in England, but I’ve been a children’s writer in France since 2010. I’m getting ready for a very different publishing experience! It’s illustrated by the amazing Sarah Horne, and its main aim is to make you laugh, whether you’re a child or an adult.

Thanks for stopping by at GHB, Clem. Sleuth on Skates sounds great fun.  I’m off to order a copy right now ;).

We also have three copies of Sleuth on Skates to give away to you! Hop over to the GHB competitions page and enter now.

Clémentine Beauvais, Sleuth on Skates – 1st book in the Sesame Seade series, published by Hodder (May 2nd, 2013).

http://sesameseade.com – official website for the series.


8 thoughts on “GUEST BLOGGER: Clémentine Beauvais

  1. I love that cover! It’s so inventive and cheerful, perfect for a childrens’ series. It’s also amazing that you’re published in both English and French! Well done!

  2. As somebody who was a girl who grew-up in Cambridge, and who roller-skated (including on the M11 …. but before it opened), and whose mum and dad worked for the university, I really think that I’d better get hold of this wonderful book. It’ll be like reading my autobiography!

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