What makes a perfect writing room?

Some people like  plenty of ‘creative clutter,’ with books all over the floor and notes all over the walls and bits of paper strewn across the table. Some people like a bare clear desk, and an empty room with no distractions.

After twenty years of writing books, I know exactly what makes a perfect writing room for me. It has to have…

Lots of pens in pots that remind me of heavenly chocolate days!

Lots of pens in pots that remind me of heavenly chocolate days!

Happy plants!

Happy plants!

Helpful animals!

Helpful animals!

An exciting work-in-progress :)

An exciting work-in-progress 🙂

But even the most perfect writing room can’t always put you in the mood for writing, and lots of authors go to their local cafe or park to write when they need a change of scene.

I don’t live near a cafe or park, so if I start to get cabin fever, I take my notebook and head for the beach.

One of my three fave away-from-home writing places

One of my three fave away-from-home writing places

What would make a perfect writing room for you?

8 thoughts on “What makes a perfect writing room?

  1. Hi Jenny,
    As writers we all have our funny ‘quirks’. My dearest friend is a best selling saga writer. Her writing office is as neat as it could be! (and bright like yours) There are shelves with all the perfect books, antique captain’s chair, most modern computer equipment, window with amazing views… I could go on, but you get the idea.

    Now, my writing area… it is in the small furnace room of my almost 200 year old house. I am blessed with a noisy 50 year old furnace directly behind my chair. I do have a window, but there is a tree right in front of it. I get to watch the leaves grow, but little else… as for my desk… don’t ask. It looks like a bomb’s gone off on it. I try to keep it neat, but fail miserably. Like you, I do have figurines! Lots of them. More Pegasus figures than I can count… oh and Darth Vader (don’t ask) and V for Vendetta (really, don’t ask). And of course, Animal from the muppets – no desk is complete without an ‘animal’

    Mind you, I’ve never been more successful. There is something about this cluttered disaster I call my ‘writing home’ that inspires me.

    But then again, it could be all those fumes from the old furnace…

  2. Your writing room sounds amazing Kate – so full of character! You describe it so lovingly and I guess that’s what makes a writing space perfect – a place you love to be 🙂

  3. Hi there Jenny! 🙂

    I can write anywhere. In the house, I write in the front room, right onto my laptop. When I’m out as long as I have a pen and notepad, I can write ANYWHERE I am! In a shop, on the step by the entrance, in a café, when i’m eating. 🙂

  4. I’m always really impressed by writers who can do that! I mightl jot down the odd thought or idea pretty much anywhere, but I write best when I’m at home. I’ve been on writing retreats before with other authors but I find that even when I’m in a nice peaceful place with a writerly focus, I don’t really settle.

  5. Hi, Jennyxx
    I write in my bedroom. Both my desk and the kitchen table beside it are COVERED in clutter- books (paper and audio), DVDs, CDs… I rather like the higgledy-piggledyness, but I know it makes practicalities difficult. My dream is to have a kind of ‘writer’s studio’, where I can surround myself with things that inspire me and make as much mess as I like without it interfering with other stuff.

  6. Hi Jade – having a dream is the first step to making it come true. I’m sure your writer’s studio will be wonderful 🙂

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