How to go on Tour!

Hi girls!

ImageI hope you’re all well and busy reading your way through the rest of the winter! With my new book, Peppermint Kiss, the first book in the Rainbow Beauty series, just out, I found myself doing something very unusual (for me, anyway, as between lots of writing deadlines and having two young children I’ve barely left this desk/my road for about four years!). I found myself on the first of a few mini book tours! Say tour and you think of rock bands and Limosines, right? Well, there weren’t any of those on this one, but I still found it very, very exciting. Here’s my guide to how to go on tour, Kelly-style!

1. Get your schedule, find out you are speaking to groups of 180 girls at a time and freak out just a little teeny weeny bit (OK, a MASSIVE teeny weeny bit!).

2. Prepare. A lot. Write your event plan and make your Powerpoint slides. Have a bit more of a freak out. Have a Curly Wurly and get a grip. Tell yourself you’re not being asked to a. stunt water ski in the next Bond movie or b. perform open heart surgery.

3. Remove author-writing-at-home uniform of tattered PJs and three scarves, and find passable outfit for outside world. Apply make-up. Ditch battered muddy Fly boots for something that clunks pleasingly on the pavement when you walk.

4. Get on trains. Lots of them. One at a time, obviously (like I said, you’re NOT being asked to do stunts!).

5. Nice warm up event to small-ish group of fantastic inspiring girls at fave school in Liverpool. That’s it, you’re off! Remember you LOVE doing events when not freaking out!

Image5. Reach destination, find hotel, check in. Check it has room service and broadband. (Tick). Check it does not have Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted camera crew setting up down the corridor. (Tick. Phew!)

6. Eat. Shower. Scoff lots of Mini Eggs (this step is essential, do not be tempted to miss it out!!).

7. Wake up, get dressed in something decent (two days in a row – that’s good going!) and go and do two events to big groups of girls. Meet loads of amazing girls – keen readers, budding writers, talented illustrators, designers and actors, keen swimmers and riders…

8. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, have the most fantastic time and start looking forward to the next one!

Have a great month, girls, and don’t forget to enter my comp to win cool secret packages of beauty and book treats (whoops! So not that secret then!) at http://www.kellymckain.co.uk/rainbowbeauty

5 thoughts on “How to go on Tour!

  1. I LOVE doing events but you’re right, the freaking out bit comes first! I have failed on the mini-eggs front thou, must rectify that next time! I’m still massively jealous of you going to work in Lush; I’ve been a fan of theirs since like forever 🙂

  2. I’m not published yet, but if I am ever lucky enough to make it, I am looking forward to the events. I know I will be nervous but I think they would be so great to do.
    What do yo do when the mini eggs are out of season? do you have a substitute? 😀

      • oooh I haven’t had a curly wurly for years, I used to love those! *planning to go out and buy one tomorrow* Fudge are lovely, definitely need a few though. 😀 xxx

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