I’m starting a new book club at Waterstones bookshop soon, aimed at readers of teen fiction but with all readers aged 9+ very welcome.

Behold! Our introductory poster:

teen reading poster 2

I am filled with ideas for our first meeting, and have been rushing off to craft shops that sell things like this…

crafty stuff

crafty stuff


And buying things like this…

Well, sort of a tiny bit like this.

Well, sort of a tiny bit like this.

In the hopes of keeping everyone entertained, talking about books and discussing bookish issues while making things like this…


maybe not *quite* as good as this

Yes, I have big ideas! Plus lots to discuss about not judging books by their covers, or people by their faces, or sculptors by their works…

But most of all, I hope everyone will have fun and talk about their love of books and be inspired to read more and more.

Do you belong to a book club? If not, would you like to? Have you ever started a book club yourself? And what would you expect, or like to find, in your ideal book club? I would love to know, and all ideas are very welcome*!


(*Also, if you’re based anywhere near Newton Abbot, Devon, you’d be extremely welcome at this particular club!)

12 thoughts on “Book-clubbing

  1. And now is when I wish that I lived in Devon! I’m sure the book club will be a massive hit, Luisa. I’m going to my first book club this month and am excited but a little nervous. Book clubs are a great way to meet other like-minded people and also great for people like me who are a little shy! 🙂

  2. My friends and I once started a book club, every fortnight we got together all with a recommended book in hand and we would pick a name out of a hat and that person decided the book. It was really fun and the genre themed novel snacks helped! (each meeting had a theme- every book needed to be in that theme/genre – also if it was crime genre you could put on those suave american gangster accents and throw in a few “doll-faces” and “Gee ‘s” here and there, historical novels- historical accents) We stopped when we all went off to different schools though. It was really good but I sort of wish I’d joined a book club with people I didn’t know.

  3. I run a Chatterbooks book club at the library I work in and a Teenage Book Group. We meet once a month, read a mix of books, have fun, do crafts, games and other activities. We’ve dabbled in story writing, news reporting, cover designing, Book displays, film casts, making board games, and just discussing books!
    It’s great fun and i love it. Good luck with yours. xxx

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