When I’m not writing I am mostly …

The thing about writing a book is that it’s really, really brain-consuming. You are your characters. You know every detail of the plot. You’re thinking about it while you’re getting dressed, taking the kids to school, actually – you know – writing it, having a bath … And it doesn’t leave much time for anything else that isn’t easy, essential or possibly delicious. My at-the-time five year-old has been known to take my face in both hands and stare right into it to get my attention.

So when you’re not writing a book, there’s usually a long list of things that need doing because they turned out not to be easy, essential or delicious, and they piled up and piled up, waiting until you were ready.

This week, I haven’t been writing a book and my brain has been a little bit freer to tackle those things. They included:

– tidying the shed. Couldn’t move in the shed for months because of piles of papers and boxes. Had to write in bed. This wasn’t actually the hardship I make it sound. Anyway, I can move in the shed now.


– cleaning the chandelier in the hall. By far the most satisfying thing I’ve done – apart from finish a book – in months. It’s not a big chandelier. In fact, it’s more of a posh light fitting. But it looks GREAT now. Really shiny. And it gives off the most extraordinary reflections around the hall. Amazing what Windowlene and an old baby muslin can do.


– ordering new business cards. I don’t really need business cards as such, but it’s really useful to be able to give someone something when you meet them at an event and they need your email address and you haven’t got a pen. Also, Moo do fabulous business cards with your own photos on. Had a lot of fun with those.

MooNewYork MooNonie MooZoe2 MooShoe

– writing the dedication and acknowledgements for the new book. It’s a testament to how much time I suddenly on my hands that the dedication is a haiku.

– reading the book my twelve year-old is reading. It’s called The Magician’s Apprentice – an amazing, feminist fantasy read – and it’s really exciting.


– reading a book that’s supposed to be by an A-list celebrity but was actually secretly and brilliantly ghosted by a neighbour of mine. Cool fact.

– planning my blog tour of America for The Look. Good luck, little book!

– tightening up the plot for the new book. Which I’ll get back to next week, after the line edit for the last one. At which point, anything left on my list will have to wait a few months, till I get my brain back again. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

4 thoughts on “When I’m not writing I am mostly …

  1. YAY SOPHIA!! A new book? WHOO! πŸ˜€

    Sorry I didn’t comment before now. Had a writing day! πŸ˜€

    I thank you for bringing The Look into the world. It’s a BRILL, fun, Life-Opening book. πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like you are being very productive, but now I’m wondering which book is the A-List Celebrity- written by your neighbour. *scratches head*

    Is the Trudy Canavan book good? I’ve had her books on my sheves for years but never got round to reading them.
    Have a good week. πŸ˜€

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