How many lives would you like?

It’s occurred to me a few times that I wish I could live more than one life. Okay, so I know that sounds a bit greedy. One life should be enough. But there are so many things I would love to have been.

Princess Maggi & freinds

Princess Maggi & friends

Apart from being a princess, I’d love to have been an intrepid explorer.

Shhh.... Maggi on safari!

Shhh…. Maggi on safari!

Or a psychologist, or an Olympic sprinter, or a top business woman, jetting all over the world…

But instead of all those I’m now a – yep, you know this already – WRITER! And guess what? That means that anytime I want to I can be anything I want to – in my stories. So far I’ve been an amazing singer-songwriter, a girl who’s half-genie, half-human, a girl living in the future who has the most amazing and scary adventures…

So maybe being a writer is the best thing of all.

And next best is being a reader. I’ve travelled all over the world while curled up on the sofa – just through reading books.

But let’s imagine I’m a fairy godmother, with magical powers (specialising in career choices), and I can grant you your wish to be whatever you want… Β What would YOU like to be?

Big Hugs to you all,

Maggi xxx

9 thoughts on “How many lives would you like?

  1. I would like to have a million lives, LOL. Actually I just wish my life would go on wayyy longer, till the 3000’s! LOL.

  2. Hi Maggi,

    If your a Fairy Godmother, would you grant me the wish of writing with an Author? Or meeting you again soon? xxx

  3. I don’t know if I’d change being a writer, but other things I would do differently. I went to a college that was a weird fit for me. After the first year, I should have admitted I made a weird choice and switched to a different college. All my friends would be different, my spouse would be different, but it would have been more true to who I was.

  4. I’ve thought about this before. When I was younger I used to do Gymnastics, when the club put up the costs my parents told me I would have to give it up, with the promise that I could go back one day. By the time the offer came round I chose not to go back. And I’ve always regretted it.
    So I’ve often wondered what ‘alternative life Becky’ does, did she become a great Gymnast or did she too have to stop at some point? I’ve always wanted to know how my life would differ.
    But then again I am pretty happy with my life and believe it happened that way for a reason.

    I would like to be an author/writer, but I am working towards that anyway so hopefully this life is enough for me.

    Although I did always fancy being on the stage… maybe in another life I’ll be a famous actress. πŸ˜€

  5. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the great responses, and I’ll get back to you each individually very soon, but a sudden family bereavement on Wednesday means I’m in Dublin for a funeral. So it’s difficult to respond properly until I’m back home. xxx

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