Tick Tock Beep Beep Woo Hoo Knickers

Hello lovely girls who heart books – and a very Happy New Year – and happy new knickers! Or rather, happy Tick Tock Beep Beep Woo Hoo Knicker-ing!

Okay, I know that sounds a bit bonkers, but its not, honestly. In fact Tick Tock Beep Beep Woo Hoo Knicker-ing (TTBBWHK) is extremely sensible – and it’s right at the top of my (very looooong) list of new year’s resolutions! So far, it’s working pretty well for me, so I thought I’d share it with you too because you might want to make it a resolution too if you do any of these things::

a)      ‘Forget’ to tidy your room for so long that you have to snorkel through your clothes to the door every morning.

b)      Natter to your BFFs/hamster/R-Patz poster for so long in the evening that you end up doing your homework under your duvet at midnight.

c)      Throw a major tantrum if a parent dares to suggest that you do the washing up/hoover the house/fluff up the dog then end up feeling  bad about it.

In other words, if (like, ahem, me) you’re not that great at doing things you don’t want to do.

So, if you want to try my Tick-tock Beep Beep Woo Hoo Knickering technique for yourself, here’s what you have to do…

  1. Take one pair of knickers (and put them on!)pants
  2. Take one tiny timer (just a cheapie kitchen timer, I bought mine for £5) and set it for ten minutes.timer
  3. Put timer into the waistband of your knickers so it’s you can whizz about doing all the things you need to do without huffing off everyone else in the house with your tick-tock/beep beep ingpants and timer
  4. Race the clock to get the things you don’t want to do done as fast as possible (I’ve never washed up so fast in my life).
  5. When the alarm beeps, give yourself a MASSIVE hug/pat on the back and treat yourself to something you do want to do – woo hoo!
  6. Repeat as necessary (it took me quite a few goes before I could see my bedroom carpet again).

You can use TTBBWHK to whizz you way through anything you like. And it’s also great to zap your energy for things you love but might find difficult – like writing. If you’re all out of inspiration one day,  set yourself a challenge, say write your fastest ever short story or a whole novel plot in ten minutes flat. I’m going to try TTBBWHK for editing my next book because I can be way too much of a perfectionist about it and suddenly realise I’ve spent six hours trying to make one paragraph perfect, argh.

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution? Or is there anything you really hate doing? Do you think TTBBWHK could work for you? I’d love to hear how it goes.

Diane x

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