A Mewing, Neighing, Squeaking Post (From a Slightly Barking Author!)

Like many of the other lovely authors on Girls Heart Books, I’m just a little crazy about animals and so, although my first book How to Keep a Boy as a Pet is really all about people, especially gorgeous boys, poisonous bullies and invisible dads, it’s also teeming with pets. In fact, a friend’s daughter actually counted up for me a few weeks ago and there are no less than 11 animal co-stars…

Two cats, Tigger and Johnny Depp (inspired by my black moggy Rufus Sewell, left); two dogs Digby and Meg; two guinea pigs, Jude Law and Daniel Craig (aka James Bond!); two hamstericidal ratlets, Oliver and Harry; one hamster (no name); 2 horses Flying Flint and Bubbles, 1 goldfish, Don Draper and 1 insane Shetland pony, Sharon. 

This huge animal head count is possibly why I have been inundated by reviews of the book, not just from people but, from pets, yes, PETS, really – look…

I loved it, I loved it, I loved it, I really loved it.
Then I ate it.
Alfie Felicity, 2, Hampshire

APPALLING! One star! This book featured TWO DOGS, yes TWO. Why on earth any writer would want to write about something as daft as a dog, I have no idea. I hope the next Diane Messidoro title is entirely about cats, preferably extremely beautiful and intelligent fluffy tabby and white cats.
Thor Rayner-Bicat, 3 1/2, Brighton

A sprawling post-modern evocation of the soulful depths of the unconscious bisected by a visceral patina of metaphorical imagery surrounding the allegorical generalisations encountered by mammalian beings and counter-beings in a stratospheric poignant hyperspace.
I also liked the scene with lettuce.
Ruby Foster, 2, Bucks

Okay okay, I know, pets can’t read let alone write! But I love the idea that they can, don’t you?

Have you read any books you love about animals – and if you have pets, what do you think your own animals would say about them if they could read? 

Love and purrs, a more than slightly barking, Diane x

15 thoughts on “A Mewing, Neighing, Squeaking Post (From a Slightly Barking Author!)

  1. Hehe, love the post! and the very intellectual rabbit. 😀
    One of my all time favourite books is ‘The Animals of Farthing Wood’ by Colin Dann. Really loved the animals, Fox and Badger were always my favourite.
    I also got addicted to the ‘Animal Ark’ series as a child. Couldn’t get enough of them.
    My cat seems to judge my books. If she likes it she will sit on top of it, if it’s ok she will put her paws on it and if she doesn’t like it she knocks it on the floor. It’s quite funny to see what she will do. Think she judges by smell and feel but it’s cute.

    • Love the idea of your cat voting with her paws. Don’t think I’ve ever read Farthing Wood, perhaps now’s the time! Reminded me I was brought up on Rupert the Bear though and loved that.

      • She is a harsh but fair critic for sure!
        Farthing Wood is amazing, I would definitely recommend it.
        I remember Rupert, was before my childhood but my mum had some from when she was younger. They’re sweet. 😀

  2. You never know,pets could be writers. At night they could sneak around,selling their own best sellers.I love the pictures!

  3. All Pookie, Pumpkin and Kitty the Guinea Pigs have to say is wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt, chut, chut, chut. Sadly too daft to write any decent reviews. However they’d be chuffed with paw prints from Jude Law and Daniel Craig.
    Can’t wait for the next book, Diane. Xxx

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