Guinea pigs! Guinea pigs!

We’re reading this now…

Sorry, I’m just VERY EXCITED! Harry, my 8-year-old, decided about a month ago that he’d like a pet. We were thinking of a hamster, but were soon advised that guinea pigs were better first pets and, since we’ve never had a pet at all (apart from a goldfish that didn’t last very long at all) (it wasn’t our fault, she was poisoned by the weed the pet shop sold us) (RIP, Dorothy), we thought we’d start there.

And this is next…

I wasn’t too keen on the idea really. I worried that Harry would lose interest and I’d end up looking after them. I worried about what we’d do with them when we go on holiday. But then we went to have a look and Harry fell madly in love with a white guinea pig with a brown patch over one eye and I fell in love with a brown and black one with tufty hair (that I’ve since learned is called “rosettes”) and we just couldn’t resist.

Their cage is next to my desk and, honestly, they’re horribly distracting. Right now they’re running around, squeaking, and being extremely cute. We’ve bought them lots of toys, keep getting them out for cuddles, and last night my husband and I were watching them as they ran to each other and nuzzled their noses and we both went “Awwwww…”

My point is that we’ve all become total guinea pig saps. But look! They’re SO CUTE!

18 thoughts on “Guinea pigs! Guinea pigs!

  1. Aw Keris! I lnow you love them! You tweet about them alot and i don’t blame you! 😀

    I’m sure Sophie would like them! (maybe for lunch though…)

    My friend, (who is now passed) had 4 guinea pigs and a White Scotty dog! 😀 I LOVED to go and see them! 🙂

  2. Olga da Polga!! Loved those books! (I had a guinea pig with rosettes too when I was young – very beautiful!) She had a very sad ending though which I won’t share with you! (RIP Snowflake!)

  3. I actually breed guinea pigs! I have 12 at the moment! They’re so sweet when they’re older but you should see them when they’re first born! They are like tiny, little keyrings!

    • 12?! Oh wow! Mine are chittering away now (I think I woke them up when I came to reply to these comments!). We watched a video of a guinea pig giving birth the other day and the babies were amazing. (“We” being me and Harry, not me and the guinea pigs. That would be weird.)

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