GUEST BLOGGER Susan Waggoner

Today’s guest blogger is Susan Waggoner. Susan has kindly agreed to tell how she came to write her exciting new book Neptune’s Tears.

Neptune’s Tears – The Story Behind the Story

Have you ever gotten an idea in your head that just will not leave alone? About a year ago, that happened to me. Only it wasn’t an idea, it was a character. Her name turned out to be Zee McAdams. I had been thinking of writing a romance set in the future, but a future not filled with dystopian gloom, but with a much more romantic and hopeful setting, and that’s when Zee appeared.

There were three things I knew about Zee right away: that she was a redhead; that she was sixteen; and that she had already chosen a career and entered the world of work as an empath, someone who uses mental energy to help people heal from accidents and disease.

As I began to write, Zee became more and more herself on every page. It was a surprise to discover that she is so much more open and outgoing than I am. She kept opening doors and saying “Yes” to things I would never venture into, and it wasn’t long before her character took charge of the story. Because she is so comfortable with new experiences, the pages soon became filled with adventures and situations – situations and thoughts that I didn’t know I had in me.

Whether you are like Zee or not, the one thing we all have in common is falling in love for the first time, and even though Zee’s love is filled mysteries and challenges, the same sweet longings are there. The fact that her love is part of a larger life than I imagined is just frosting on the cake, and a reminder of how much writers can learn from their characters.

Thanks for the blog Susan. Zee sounds an amazing character. If you’d like a chance to win a copy of Neptune’s Tears GHB have 5 copies to give away. For more details go to our competitions page.

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