Happy end-of-holiday to you


spaghetti – even tastier in Italy?

Sigh – the holidays are well and truly over. Here are a few things I’m going to miss (bearing in mind that I spend a long time each summer with family in Italy):

– not having to hurry in the mornings (rushing to the beach doesn’t count!)
– my Italian cousins, aunts and uncles
– all the delicious food
– reading even more books than usual (here’s a list of a few of the books I read)
and a silly one…
– having a name everyone can spell

Yes, oddly, for me, summer holidays mean blending in more, not less – at least when it comes to my name. My first name, Luisa, is Italian and spelled without the English ‘o’ of ‘Louise/Louisa’, so when I’m in Italy I can finally find novelty gifts with my name on them (!) And my last name ‘Plaja’, is even more unusual in England. The ‘j’ is pronounced like a ‘y’, because the name comes from the Spanish ‘playa’, which means ‘beach’. It’s a spelling which is extremely common in the region my family is from. During my summer visit, I become one of a huge clan of Plajas. Not only that, but the beach I go to every day is actually called Spiaggia Plaja (where ‘spiaggia’ is Italian for ‘beach’ – so it’s the Beach beach!) When I’m on holiday, I see my (usually) unusual name on road signs, receipts, bakeries… all over the place!

on spiaggia Plaja

Happy end-of-holidays to Girls Heart Books readers everywhere. I hope you’ve had a wonderful time and that the fun continues all year. What did you read on holiday? And are there any parts of your summer that you might be able to carry into the autumn?

For me, I think it will be… reading lots of books! (And probably eating spaghetti, too.)



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