September Brings Out My Inner Hermione

No, sadly not the cool wand-toting super-witch bit of Ms Granger (although it would be cool to expeliarmus all my shopping onto the conveyor belt thingie at Tesco).

And not the time-turner-using bit of her – although it would be amazing to spend the afternoon slaving (OK, ahem, writing and Crunchie-eating) over a hot desk WHILE having a long picnic and play in the park with Holly and Freddie WHILE having a huge pampering sesh with some friends at a spa.

No. The bit of Hermione that September brings out in me is… oh dear… the swotty bit.

The fact that I stopped going to school just over half my life ago (Yikes! Really??) means nada and rien to me. I still love September because of the back-to-schoolness in the air. Whilst most people mourn the passing of the summer, when the new term starts you’ll find me gleefully sharpening all my pencils, buying beautiful new notebooks and stocking up on paper clips and folders. Seriously, next I’ll be buying a smart new uniform from John Lewis (now that would be scary!).

I also spend lots of time in back-to-school season crunching through leaves in the golden autumn light in the park and drinking steaming Earl Grey, remembering the times I spent with my friend Jill Marshall (another writer – author of the Jane Blonde books) when we started our MAs in Writing for Children at Winchester one September a good few years ago now. We were so excited to have time to spend writing and reading children’s and young adults’ books and about meeting other people who wanted to talk about them as much as we did. We were desperate to be published but terrified of even ringing up a publisher to ask for a copy of their catalogue. We referred to J.K. Rowling as ‘The Goddess J.K.’ We watch the second Happy Potter movie a ridiculous amount of times for two apparent ‘grown ups’. That September was the start of a long journey of getting agents and having books commissioned and going to lunch with publishers (luckily the fear of communicating with them had worn off by then!). It was the start of dreams becoming reality – and I still feel a bit of that magic every September.

So, come the autumn, I get all Hermione on yo ass. I go on a stationery-buying spree. I sharpen stuff. I mooch about in the park remembering exciting times and burning my tongue on too-hot tea. And then I get stuck into work. Reams and hours and handfuls of Crunchie wrappers-worth of it…

… which is an especially good thing this year, because I’ve got two books to be in by Christmas, and one of them’s MASSIVE!

Have a happy September! Love, Kellyx

16 thoughts on “September Brings Out My Inner Hermione

      • It’s me, Jill Marshall! Ah, how fondly I remember those days … always loved school, then beautiful clear blue ‘Cambridge days’ when I went to uni, and especially loved our MA days in Winchester. Am only slightly embarrassed at how we barged small children out of the way to get the best seats in the cinema for Chamber of Secrets, and then sang the Harry Potter theme music for twenty minutes before the film began. Now I live in New Zealand, it’s the start of spring instead of autumn, and that’s just WRONG! It’s also mid way through a term, so there’s no feeling of new beginnings. Anyway, when I’m back in UK this December, we must sip Earl Grey in a Hampshire olde tea shoppe and celebrate new beginnings of a different kind.

    • Absolutely! And I was just thinking that in practical terms all the editors who were on holiday at various times all summer are back together for meetings, so I think you do feel a sense of decisions being made and things moving forward too! xx

    • Hmm you are right, i don’t feel sad about school tomorrow either, in fact i can’t wait!( that is so geeky of me ) School can be boring but so can the summer when it’s raining and cold and feels like December, so it’s nice for there to be a change i.e starting a new year at school. Still, summer’s pretty cool, even for a self-confessed geek despite what some people might think!!!

  1. Hi Kelly, That’s good to hear! I’ll be expecting Animal SOS book 4 on my desk then, ha ha! Looking forward to our lunch. Michelle x

  2. Reblogged this on byroisinhealy and commented:
    This is me, but as well as stationary and notebooks and the fanciest biros Bic has to offer, I also have to have a bottle of rum to hand too. Work hard, play hard! College isn’t all about books you know. Cuba libre anyone?

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