Olympic Writing

So the Olympics have opened with a splash!

Now we can put our feet up and watch some sport for the next couple of weeks. Great! But just what do the Olympics have to do with writing, I hear you ask? A lot as it turns out. The title of this blog might seem a bit of a mash-up. For those of you unfamiliar with the term (as I was) a mash-up is where two completely unrelated things – take Dinosaurs and Space – come together and work!

But back to writing and the Olympics. Did you know that writing was actually once an Olympic sport? You could actually enter the Olympics with your books. OK, so you couldn’t write more than 20,000 words, and your work couldn’t have been published before but how cool would it be to win a medal for something that you’d written?

And not only could you be awarded a medal in writing but in other arts too – architecture, music, painting and sculpture. OK, so the entered works had to be inspired by sport, but even so. Here’s a photo of a picture called Rugby by painter Jean Jacoby, the most successful Olympic artist of all time.

And Alfred Hajos of Hungary who won two gold medals for swimming at the Athens Olympis and then 28 years later was award a silver medal in architecture. Oops, sorry, that’s Andy Murray. His get-up doesn’t quite cut the mustard does it? Here’s Alfred Hajos for you to see. How elegant is he?

Writing as an Olympic event came to an end in 1954 when the Olympics became a purely sporting event. Writers and artists were considered professionals while Olympic athletes were required to be amateurs. Sad that we can no longer compete, isn’t it?

So what about you? Are you a writer or a sportsperson? Or maybe a bit of both?

13 thoughts on “Olympic Writing

  1. Hi Michelle,

    I think writers have a lot in common with sportspeople. We train to get good at what we do and must persevere when things aren’t going as well as they could.

    Isn’t the Olympics great? The lighting of the flame was fantastic – such an inspired choice to let the young up and coming athletes do it.

    Go Team GB.


    • Hi Julie
      I’d never thought of it like that, but it’s very true. I’m definitely better at writing and editing now that I’ve had a lot of practice. I’m not so good on the persevering when things get tough!

      I’m loving watching the Olympics. Finding it rather addictive! I’m off to the weightlifting on my son on Friday!

  2. Hi Joan
    Thank you for posting! I love Wimbledon but didn’t realise how it would be to get into the Olympics. I am glued to the TV and not getting much work done. Happy writing!

  3. Hi Michelle! Nice to read your post again! x

    I’m DEFFO a writer! I LOVE going to places that i would’nt be able to in real-life! xxx Like Anicent Greece and Ancient Eypt

    I’ll not be watching the Sports, i’m not very ‘into’ sports. I like Swimming and Horse Riding though! x

    • Hi Laura
      Thanks for posting for me again! You could always watch the horse riding then. I loved seeing the Dressage on Sunday. Zara Philips was brill!

  4. I am definitely not a sportsperson! Though I did enjoy watching the olympics. It was brilliant! And did you see the Queen jump out the helicopter? Lol! 😀
    Nope, I stick to writing -everytime! I think writing should still be an olympic event! There are writers out there who totally deserves a gold medal!

    • It’s always good to have a bit of both in your life. But writing is definitely a lot of fun! Thanks for posting!

  5. I’m definitely both, I do 4 different sports a week (2 of them twice) meaning I do sports 6 days a week. But I also love to write and try to do a bit when I get home each evening. It’s definitely possible to be both! 😀

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