A List About Lists

To Do List from funnyfail.com10 writing-related reasons to make lists:

1) If you have no idea what to write or where to begin, it’s a quick way to get started.

2) Making short notes is a lot less daunting than writing full sentences, and you can always expand on it later.

3) Giving the list a title can be fun. Try ‘favourites’, ‘inventions’ or ‘plans for taking over the world’. (Or even ‘ten writing-related reasons to make lists’.)

4) You could list characters, locations, plot points or random story thoughts.

5) If you’re stuck, you can write lists of likes and dislikes for one of your characters. If you’re really really stuck, you can write a shopping list for yourself.

6) No, seriously. Because you can tell a lot about a character by looking at their lists. And sometimes you can get yourself unstuck by making a quick list of the things YOU want.

7) Milk, bread, chicken-flavoured crisps and a pack of Euro 2012 football stickers.

8) Yes, that shopping list is mine. And, ooh, I started this post without a clue of what to write about, but I’m feeling better now that the page is filling up nicely.

9) OK, technically I’m now cheating now and chatting to you all instead of making a proper list. The reason for this is…

10) Once you’re in the flow, it’s difficult to stop…

11) And before you know it – you’re writing! *runs away to write*

12) P.S. That was 11, not 10. Aha – 12 now!

Over to you! Are you a natural list-maker? Do you keep a list of your lists? And what’s on your to-do list – or your wish-list – right now?


Shopping List Image from Morguefile

15 thoughts on “A List About Lists

  1. My current lists are
    1 shopping list next to kettle
    2 household jobs list on other kitchen counter
    3 writing list – things I want to do – next to computer in study
    4 writing list – things I have to do – under the heap that’s gently composting at the far end of my desk
    5 blogs and other online networking schedules list
    6 people I need to phone – next to phone
    7 current writing idea – list of chapters – somewhere about my person at all times
    How lovely to feel I’m part of a community of listers, and not weird at all – great post!

  2. I LOVE lists! And plans and writing stuff on calendars and all that kind of stuff! I especially love making wishlists – who doesn’t?! ;D

  3. 1. I’ve never really made a writing list, dunno why. 🙂

    2. This was a great, fun post.

    3. You’re AWSOME. 😀

    4. Hope you have a brillent day 🙂

    5. I’m going to finish my story within this month 🙂

    6. I CAN do it. 😀

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