Guest Blogger: Megan Rix

Megan Rix

Megan Rix and her dog Traffy

Lucy isn’t the star of my latest book The Great Escape,  set in World War II. Her pets, Rose, Buster and Tiger are.

Megan and her sister

Megan and her sister

But Lucy’s one of the human stars and definitely someone I’d have liked to have as my friend, or my sister, when I was her age.

Lucy’s one tough girl and she has to be. First she’s evacuated and adopts hapless 5 year old Charlie on the way, then she gets picked on at school and her brother gets blamed when it was Lucy who was the one who doing the fighting.

She’s adaptable and goes from living with her family in London to living down in Devon. Her Gran’s mind is lost in a world of her own, and half the time she thinks her son’s still alive and it’s thirty years ago.

And she’s brave. Lucy has to face up to her beloved pets being missing and probably dead, only to be reunited with them when her Gran’s house is burnt down.

CowLucy also has a secret. She’s in love with Michael, her brother’s friend who stays in London to help save animals with his dad.

Sometimes she feels so lonely her only friend is a cow called Daisy.

Gas MaskLucy’s funny and she can make tuneful sounds in her gas mask and has a great line in one-liners! But best of all she’s not afraid to say what she thinks and stand up for what she believes in.

The Great Escape is published on 3rd May and I hope you like it. As well as the free book giveaway you can win here, Puffin and Young Times are running a competition to name a character in my next book. You have to write about why your own pet is a hero and draw a picture of him or her – I can’t wait to see the entries.

The Great EscapeThanks for being our guest, Megan!
We’ve got THREE copies of The Great Escape up for grabs. Hurry over to the competitions page right now to find out how to enter…

7 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Megan Rix

  1. I definitely entered the comp. 🙂 The books sounds brilliant!! And I love Traffy!
    I ADORE animals, and I would very much enjoy your book!!I Sounds fantastic 😀

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