Do you have a Happy Place?

Just the other day, someone asked me if I have a “happy place”. I said, “Yes. Twitter.” (I really do love it there.) But they said it had to be a real place. So I had a think…

There are lots of places that make me happy. Any bookshop. The beach, particularly if I’ve got fish and chips. Coffee shops with friends. The park with my sons. But one place in particular kept popping into my mind: The Sidewalk Cafe in Venice Beach, LA.

I went there last year with my lovely friend Stella. We were in California for me to do some research for my new book, Emma Hearts LA (out this time next month!), but we managed to have a completely brilliant time too. We discovered The Sidewalk Cafe on our first day, which was great because it meant we could go back lots, but it was also a bit of a problem because we found we didn’t want to leave and I had researchin’ to do.

The best thing about the cafe wasn’t just that the food was wonderful, it was right on the beach and next door to a bookshop – although all of that was fantastic – no, the best thing was the people-watching. And the buskers. It was when we were watching (and listening to) a guitarist playing his guitar behind my back that I realised I was in my happy place. (The only thing missing was my family, but I sent them a text telling them that.)

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the cafe and the busker both made it into Emma Hearts LA. Or that if I’m ever feeling miserable or simply fed up with the British weather, I watch this video and it takes me right back…

Where’s your happy place?Β 

19 thoughts on “Do you have a Happy Place?

  1. I can see why that makes you feel happy. Keris. And it struck me how fit everyone looked on the little film! I was about to launch into answering the question about my own happy place when I realised I had a quite a few, which might become tedious to read(!), so then I thought I’d be clever and go for my best place to be mentally. But again quite a few. So thank you for a thought provoking post,. It’s made me feel very lucky and grateful that I have plenty of happiness going on, which will sustain me throughout the day along with Ronnie and the snooker final!

    • Oh yes, it’s a pretty fit place, but not as much as I expected, actually. I certainly didn’t feel out of place, stuffing my face with burgers πŸ™‚

      Very happy to hear you have an abundance of happy places. Enjoy the snooker!

  2. Hi there Keris!

    BRILL post and, my Happy Place is being in a Forest, that or on a Beach. I LOVE just wondering about on my own (barefoot) in a quite, silent place with only Nature to keep you company. πŸ™‚

    Have a great day! I’ll see you on Twitter x

  3. Morning Keris, Great post! My happy place would have to be either Rossnowlagh beach in Donegal (Get a picture and you’ll see why!) or Creevy Pier in Donegal. The problem is… I live in Scotland! Creevy is probably my favourite though, it’s a high pier with water below it and you jump off into the water! It’s SO much fun, but very scary! If you search for it on YouTube, you’ll get some amazing videos of people jumping!

    Neevie x

    PS. is Emma Hearts LA about Jessie’s best friend?

    • Thanks, Neevie. Wow, that beach is really beautiful. Not sure about jumping off the pier though – it looks FREEZING!

      And, yes, Laura’s right πŸ™‚ Jessie may make an appearance too…

  4. Looks fabulous! My happy place is definitely Cottesloe beach in Western Australia. Soft, warm sand, sparkling blue sea, beautiful blue sky and hot Aussie men wandering around….it was bliss.

  5. The cafe looks amazing! I really want to go there! My happy place is the apartment me and my family stayed in last summer in Portugal in this lovely resort. We probably won’t ever go back there, but I just love remembering it!

  6. Hi Keris. Fantastic post! And the cafe really does sound wonderful! The comments are brilliant too. Most people’s happy places are in nature, or on a beach near the sea. My happy place isn’t as wonderful as that! To be honest, my happy place(s) would be somewhere really quiet with a good book in my hand. A place where I’m alone and away from the world. A peaceful place – maybe a lounge chair, a park bench, or my bed. Pretty boring maybe, to other people. But it’s where I feel comfortable and relaxed, and happy. One other happy place would probably be in my bath tub! Relieving all the stress and and just being happy in my thoughts. I close my eyes and think up stories. However, I always warn myself not to fall asleep in the bath!! So those are my happy places. Not exactly exciting as the others, but they make me happy and not want to be anywhere else. πŸ™‚
    Glad to know that the cafe in Venice Beach really makes you happy. Britain is famous for its miserable weather!! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks, Shalini. Yes, I’ve noticed that a LOT of people’s happy places are by the sea. I think the sound of the water makes it extra-relaxing/inspiring.

      Your happy places all sound wonderful to me. It’s hard to beat curling up in a cosy bed with a good book.

      Local people in LA apologised for the weather when it clouded over for about five minutes. The rest of the time it was hot and sunny and this was in November! They have no idea what British weather is like πŸ™‚

      • What?! Hot and sunny – in November?! It would take a miracle for the weather to be like that here, in Britain! πŸ˜€
        It’s even sometimes freezing cold in the summer! Wish I could move tc LA!
        Have a great week. πŸ™‚
        Shalini x

  7. my gazebo is my happy place. with not being able to leave my brother alone, i can go to my gazebo, which is outside the house, a place for me to be alone and yet here for him

  8. I’ve been thinking about this ever since I read it yesterday, I was close to thinking I might not have a happy place, but I do, I just haven’t been there for a long time. My happy place is sitting in a field, or campsite, around a fire with good friends and preferably a guitar or two.

  9. Great post Keris, I’m happiest hanging out under quietly rustling trees – or in the mosh pit (right at the front) of very very loud rock gigs (I am a person of extremes!) x

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