My Favourite Things

I don’t know about you but I think January is a really dismal month, Christmas has gone and I’m skint because of all the pressies and goodies I bought, Summer is ages and ages away and it’s cold, dark and dismal. SO, to cheer myself up I always think about my favourite things and try to do at least one of them every day. It usually works too. Here’s some of my favourite things.


Yes, I know I’ve eaten so much chocolate over Christmas that I should be sick of it by now but eating chocolate always makes me feel happier. It’s so yummy.


I love reading and just seeing a pile of books waiting for me to sit down, curl up and delve into makes me feel good. Especially if I have a bar of chocolate to eat while I’m reading. Heaven.


There’s nothing like a pretty bunch of flowers to brighten up a room and cheer you up. I especially like daffodils at this time of year. They’re so bright and cheerful and are a sure sign that spring is on the way. Yippee!


Meeting up with my friends for a cup of coffee and a chat always cheers me up. By the time we’ve had a bit of a gossip, put the world to rights and a giggle I definitely feel a whole lot better. Friends are fab!

So what about you? What are your favourite things?

28 thoughts on “My Favourite Things

  1. Morning Karen 🙂

    My fave things is BOOKS and Music.

    If i get the right music for the story i’m working on, it plays all out in my head and i get SO happy. 😀 Its like i can see the WHOLE story in that one or two songs. 🙂


    Laura x

  2. Hi Laura,

    Oh yes, music is great for cheering you up and you can get lots of inspiration from songs. I change the music I listen to according to the mood I’m in, but my favourite music is upbeat, foot-tapping stuff. x

  3. Well, for me I’m quite easily cheered up. If I’m feeling a bit miserable, I like people around me who are really happy, and are smiling alot. At first it might seem annoying that their way happier than me, but I like the fact that if someone is smiling and their in your company, you begin to smile yourself. Also, although I could eat chocolate for england, I like to be doing something all of the time. If I’m in a bit of a rut, and It feels like lying in bed all day is going to help me, I make a concious decision to get up right this minute and do that exercise dvd. So I’m only 14, but I like to feel really healthy and alive and like im being active, if before I’ve felt really miserable. Fruit and lots of water seems to help in these situations for me aswell, I don’t know why, but when I stuff my face with chocolate, I feel terrible about myself, and just want to be a better person. Of course, saying this, if I’m feeling poorly or am just having one of those really OFF days, I’ll slog out in my bedroom, with the lights out, watching chick flicks like Sex and the city or the devil wears prada, eating christmas chocolate, and sleeping an awful lot. Now I’m not saying in certain situations this can’t help, but when I’m just being a bit of a lazy person, and its cold outside and my beds all snuggly, I have to tell myself to live every day as if something really exciting is going to happen. Thankfully living in a household with a baby brother who can walk uuberly fast, a footie playing 12 year old brother and a crazy but amazing family, something exciting usually does happen. 😀

  4. Chocolate is definitely one of my favorite things. As you mentioned in your post, I love having chats with my friends and sometimes a book can do the trick. Also, music is really high up on the list! What I think ends up being the best thing for me though, is exercise simply because of the feeling afterwards. I feel accomplished and my mind just feels decompressed? This and a hot indulgent shower ^_^ The only problem I have with exercise is sometimes I just feel too lazy but I know I will feel ten times better if I just do it. Gosh, I think I might have to do these things today after work.

  5. As well as reading (of course!!!), daydreaming is one of my favourite things! I love to just sit and stare out the window, dreaming of many things; books I’ve read, and transporting myself into the characters life, moments 7 years ago that I’d love to rewrite and many many more! For me, daydreaming is like leaving this world and landing in a parallel world! I also love SMILING! I always try to have a big cheesy grin on my face!
    Fab post! 🙂

  6. When I’m in one of my flat moods, my personal therapy is doodling! It sounds strange, but if I’m bored as long as I have a piece of paper by my side (any scrappy bit will do!) and a black biro, then I’ll squiggle to my heart’s content and just let it all out. Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything better than a cup of tea and some headphones – music can cheer me up in seconds. And it gives you something to dance to, instantly curing boredom!!!

  7. I l-o-v-e books!

    They make me feel so happy reading.
    You alwasy have mixed emotions reading.

    I alsol love watching dr who, merlin and horrible hsitories!

    oooh and hot chocolate!

  8. Oooh, chocolate is one of my favourite things too! You know, chocolate is actually is proved to make you feel better? I eat it when I’m sad and it always makes me happier! It releases endorphins or something to make you happy! I love reading too, and gossiping with my friends! I’m awful with the gossip! I also love to watch a funny TV programme like Friends or The Simpsons!

    • I heard that too,Cliona, so whenever I start to feel the teeeniest bit guilty because I’m on my third bar of chocolate I remind myself about that it’s actually good for me.

  9. chocolate is my most favoritest thing in the world! (besides books, of course!) the one thingy guaranteed to cheer me up is going out to muck around on the local golf course with y friends and dog. heaven. of course, it helps that here n the southern hemisphere, it’s summer. 😀

  10. I really like this idea. My month has not been going as I planned and I’m feeling very depro about it so this may be a good plan for me 🙂 I think I’m gonna try do one thing I love everyday.

  11. I like January, it has my birthday in! (yes, selfish I know). But it’s a good pick-me-up from the post-Christmas blues. And I agree about daffodils; it’s like having a jar of personal sunshine 🙂

    Regarding chocolate: did you know that the active substance in chocolate is theobromine, a word derived from Greek words meaning “the food of the gods”? Sounds good to me…

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