Girl Detective Shortlisted! – Joan Lennon

Joan Lennon SCBA shortlist 212

Me, looking pleased

Last week I was invited to the Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh – BUT I WASN’T SUPPOSED TO TELL ANYBODY WHERE I WAS GOING!  I knew that Slightly Jones and the Case the London Dragonfish was going to be shortlisted for this year’s Scottish Children’s Book Awards – BUT IT WAS A DEADLY SECRET!  Tiny tartan-clad assassins would come and throw haggises at your windows if you breathed a word … Terrifying!  But at last the announcement has been made and I am free to go WHOOPEE and dance like Fred Astaire in Leila’s post yesterday.  Well, go whoopee, anyway.

The Case of the London Dragonfish cover

Slightly Jones' first adventure

To find out how your school can get involved in the Awards, and see some more pictures of the day, go here to the Scottish Book Trust – though there’s something wrong with that group photo.  I mean, am I REALLY that short?!

(And if you’re feeling strong, there’s even a video of me looking like a rabbit in the headlights. Keeping the secret was tough, but it was A DODDLE compared to getting videoed!)

Once more with feeling – WHOOPEE!!!!!

17 thoughts on “Girl Detective Shortlisted! – Joan Lennon

  1. That’s fabulous, Joan! Well done, you! What a great achievement!
    It’s only in my dreams that I imagine picking up awards and getting shortlisted for awards for my books. You’re so lucky that its actually happened. What is Girl Detective about? Oh, just realised that is a really stupid question. Okay, its obviously about a girl detective but you know what I mean!

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