Why I love moving house so much…

I’m not moving house right now but I thought you might like to know why I LOVE moving house so much. Mostly it’s to do with windows and light and mornings and bedtime and stars.

You see every time I walk past a house or a flat or a boat or a castle I lock my eyes on a window and wonder… what would it be like to wake up behind that window? What would it be like to see the stars at night from there? Would I hear birdsong in the morning or cars and trucks and bikes? Would I hear children or would it be silent except for the gentle rustle of…

I grew up on the outskirts of London and lived in a victorian house right next to the railway where I woke up to the sound of a…

Since then I’ve lived in several flats and houses where I woke up to the sound of children and cars, a house in the middle of a field in Somerset where I was virtually deafened every morning by the most incredible sound of…

… a house where I mostly woke up to the sound of footsteps and talking, a van on a friend’s farm where all I could hear was…

… and now I’m really lucky because where I live I wake up to the perfect blend of sounds for me. There’s a distant rumble of a train, an occasional brrroooooom of a car, the wonderful rustle of leaves and lots of giggles from next doors children, I hear walker’s footsteps and the have the most amazing daily performance from the birds…

… I can’t hear gurgling water but I can hear…

…and a very loud…

…and some cheeky little…

…and if I’m really lucky some… 

Tell me what sounds you wake up to?

16 thoughts on “Why I love moving house so much…

  1. Currently: drilling, hammering, 17 large pairs of feet thundering down the stairs…I need to move house!

    Love the pictures, Kate – do you know where the ‘trees’ one came from? Gorgeous!

  2. Me, i wake up to nothing. No sound or anything but when i come into the front room, Housewives of Orange County.. Im getting used to that still. =)

    Plus, i get to write and check on GirlsHeartBooks when i wake up fully, thats the best thing for me to wake up to. =)

    • How come you wake up to no sounds? And what’s housewives of Orange County all about? I always start my day with the girlsheartbooks blog, it’s a fab way to wake up! xx

      • I live in a (mostly) quite flat, we have the windows and curtains shut at night so, i wake up the nothing. =)

        The Housewives is about a bunch of (rich) women who spend money on things and go on holidays and stuff, nan likes to watch it so, i just go on my laptop first thing and check Girlsheartbooks. =)

  3. I love waking up in the morning to hearing my baby brother gooing and laughing and making the sweetest noises…. however I sleep down stairs so its nice to have the light streaming in from my bay window, and just sit for a bit and listen to the goings on around me 🙂 xx

    • Awwwww, what a gorgeous way to wake up! I used to love that when my babies were small, now they’re all grown up! And so lovely to wake up downstairs and listen to the world going by! xx Lots of Love xx

  4. This morning it was the buzzing sound of a text followed by the ‘nnyang’ noise my cat makes when he is woken up and then the ominous rattle of the scaffolders outside ‘trying to be quiet’- love the pictures Kate especially the birds on the wire!

  5. fledgling swallows under the eaves… and sheep coughing in the hedgerows across the road. I used to have house wonderlust too, and haven’t moved for a long time now… one of these days…

  6. At home: My very shrill and insistent alarm clock, initially. Very shortly followed by my sister shrieking at me to turn it off – even more shrill and insistent. (Sometimes she turns it off herself. Then I have no impetus to get out of bed and usually fall back to sleep for hours – not a good thing.)
    At uni: this past year, in Halls, usually my alarm clock followed by hungover people staggering around crashing into things/shouting at one another to “GET UP YOU LAZY [insert insult of choice] WE’RE LATE”. Not fun. Plus I was usually short on sleep (I often didn’t get to bed until past 2am – not because of anything fun, but due to an overload of notes to copy up) and in a tearing rush to throw together my breakfast and run to my first lecture… even at weekends, I usually had work/chores to do.
    I prefer home awakenings, I think…

  7. Cars!!! I live in a street near a busy busy busy (on and on and on!) highstreet so basically all my life i’ve lived with noise!!! (some is my little bro!!!) 🙂 I havent moved house since i was 2 but last year i moved rooms and now i’m at the LOUD front of the house – sigh!!
    PS V V V cute animal pics!!! 🙂 🙂

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